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 How To Choose The Best Vacuum For Wool Carpet


Wool carpets are a nice look, that offers a luxurious appeal and feel to your living room or home. To keep it that way, proper care and maintenance is key. Finding a vacuum that can give you the proper cleaning your wool carpet needs can be a little dicey if you don’t know what to look for.


This article will explore everything you need to know on how to choose the best vacuum for wool carpet.


Why Is Wool So Tough To Vacuum?


Wool carpet and rugs aren’t tough to vacuum, rather finding the right device for your wool carpet can be hard if you don’t know what to look for. Certain vacuums perform better than others on certain floor surfaces.


With wool carpets, the fiber tends to get lifted by the vacuum’s suction. This can cause your wool rug to suffer broken strands and wear off the wool in time. Even worse, it can also clog up or damage your vacuum.


To avoid this, you should take into account a few suggestions.


Things To Avoid


There are a couple of vacuum types you should avoid using on your wool carpets. For instance, steer clear of a rotating brush on a vacuum. The rotating brush isn’t ideal for wool carpets because they can fuzz the fibers and cause the carpet to fray over time.


Carpet cleaning experts recommend not using a vacuum that has beater bars on them due to the fact that they can cause pile distortion and affect the long-term appearance of your wool carpet.


Things To Look For


There are many reasons a vacuum can be great. There are fewer reasons available on what makes a vacuum great for wool carpets. That said, look for adjustable upright vacuums or Canisters. These handle the best on wool carpets because of the clearance and mobility allowed between the vacuum and the fiber on the wool. Larger wheels on a vacuum help you move around easier without compromising the integrity of the fiber.


Final Words


Wool rugs look nice, provide your open space with a luxurious appearance, however, they can be a pain to maintain. But it doesn’t have to be that way with the right vacuum.


The Best Vacuum For Wool Carpet


Choosing a Canister or adjustable upright vacuum with the right clearance will ultimately keep your wool carpet looking its best. Keeping a few of the suggestions above into consideration, you and your wool carpet won’t go wrong when it comes time to vacuum.

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