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 Shop-Vac 12 Gallon Wet Dry Vacuum Review - Vacuum & Blower All in One

The Pro Series Shop-Vac vacuum cleaner is your best choice if you are looking for a vacuum that can clean 99% of the dust and also have the ability to be a blower. This vacuum has impressive storage capacity for both water and dirt. The review of this particular vacuum is given in-depth below:


Features of the Shop-Vac 12 Gallon Wet Dry Vacuum


Due to the vacuums’ 12 gallon holding capacity, it looks big and strong. Moreover the vacuum has many accessories. These can be used in almost every clean up application.

The features of the Shop-Vac Ultra Pro series have:

  1. The shop vacs’ 12 gallon tank can hold water and dirt.
  2. The motor of this shop vac is powerful and has a suction and blower of 6.5 horsepower
  3. The vacuum cleaner can be an electric blower once the upper part of the shop vac is detached.
  4. The vacuum has an 18 feet power cord.
  5. The vacuum has a hose which is 2.5” wide.

Product Advantages:

The thing which makes the vacuum cleaner unique than other ones is its ability to perform as a blower too. Usually the ordinary vacuum cleaners have an outlet for that but in this vacuum the whole upper section performs both as a handle and a blower.

There are other advantages of this shop vac:


  1. Hard areas to get can be reached with the 22” wand extension with the 120 degree curved tip. The shop vacs vacuum and blower, both can use this.
  2. The shop vacs’ 6.5 horsepower is plenty to tackle light to heavy duty messes. It can clean dirt as well as liquids.
  3. The vacuum cleaner has a drain port at the bottom and 2’’ wide ; as a result the vacuum can easily drain any liquids.
  4. For house cleaning this shop vacuum is ideal. As it is lightweight it is easy to carry or move around on its four wheels.

Product Disadvantages:

The few disadvantages with this vacuum are:

  1. The hose often get collapsed by itself in high heat situations (100+ degrees) due to high suction power.
  2. The onboard storage is not perfect to hold all the accessories as it gets unstable while carrying. Alternative to that is to keep the accessories in a separate zip-able bag.



We suggest you this ultra pro series vacuum cleaner if you want a affordable and fairly priced vacuum cleaner with a lots of features and good suction power. It is excellent for home, garage and industrial use.

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