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Now that the summer weather is here, many homeowners are finding it difficult to keep their home cool without using the air conditioner. This article can help. 

There is just no getting around the fact that your home’s air conditioning unit is effective and brilliant at what it does. After all, a few short minutes after switching it on and the temperature inside your home decreases, making you and your guests a lot more comfortable. Unfortunately, there is also no getting around the fact that these units can often cost a lot of money to use throughout the entire summer. If this sounds like both your home and your energy billBuffalo Builders has prepared a great post to share which can help you to keep your home cool during summer without driving up your energy bills.

Close Your Home

It can be tempting to leave your home open during the summer to encourage natural light, however, this also allows for a lot of summer heat to enter your home. Instead, consider using your curtains, blinds, shutters, etc to keep your inside temperatures regulated, for example:
  • Note down what time of the morning your home first receives sunlight and where.
  • What time does the sun start to move over your home?
  • Once the sun has moved from one space, how long does it take for that area to cool down?
  • Is there any natural share you can use, such as a sun-shade or even a backyard tree?
Once you have this information you can use it to create a small schedule for you to use which can show you which shutters and curtains to open, when to open them, and when to close them again. A program like this can allow you to take advantage of the cool morning air, closing off your home before the heat begins to make its way in.


Your internal doors are also another great way to keep your house cool by limiting where the heat can travel to. As an example, if your home is designed with an open-plan in mind, then it’s easy for heat at one end of your home to travel through a few opened rooms and fill your entire house with hot air. However, if you can separate these rooms by closing doors, then you can effectively limit where hot air can travel, limiting it to the rooms with outside-facing windows. If your home has sustained weather or renovation related damage and you are in need of high-quality water damage restoration in Denver, CO, then Buffalo Builders can help. Find out more about their professional water damage restoration services by speaking with a friendly expert at 866 801 8100.

Use Your Exhaust Fans

Sure, the exhaust fan in your bathroom, kitchen, and laundry aren’t at the same level as an air conditioning unit, however, this doesn’t mean that they aren’t effective at keeping the temperature in your home cool. As an example, using the above tips regarding closing doors and switching on your bathroom, kitchen, or even laundry exhaust fan can be a great way to suck out stale or hot air which has become stuck in your home.

Schedule Your Laundry

Speaking of your laundry exhaust fan, the time you choose to use your laundry appliances, in particular, your dryer, can have a great effect on how warm your house becomes during the day. As an example, using your dryer during the day will not only cause your laundry room and area to heat up quickly, but hot air can also escape these spaces and cause the temperatures in the rest of your house to climb. In this case, simply moving the use of your dryer to the night time, just because you and your family go to bed, and opening your laundry window can not only ensure you can keep your housework schedule on track but keep your inside temperatures low.

The Best Water Damage Restoration in Denver, CO

When it comes to water damage restoration it’s important to remember that it isn’t a DIY task, with many homeowners and DIY enthusiasts causing more damage or problems in their effort, not to mention operating in an unsafe workplace. If your home has sustained damage, be it from weather or renovation, Buffalo Builders can help. To find out more about their professional water damage restoration services, speak with a friendly water damage restoration expert by calling 866 801 8100 and ask about how their experience and knowledge can return your home to its former glory.

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