Dr toth letter July 22 2020

Dr. Toth,


It's been a while since I've heard back from you, and I wanted to let you know on the current situation I've been dealing with, and subsequent updates.


Since I did not provide my boss with the letter that he had requested from you by July 1st, he made up an excuse that I have a poor driving record and that during a "routine" check of my driving record he was told by his insurance provider that letting me drive could jepordize the company and therefor he has to terminate my position.


He also said that if I'm willing to drop all my suits and complaints he will give me 1 week of 40 hours pay as severance, minus taxes. This year I only worked 1 week less than 40 hours, being 31, and my average was 51 hours per week. He told me that if I want the severance pay, and if I want unemployment then I have to provide proof of dropping thoses things. Otherwise he's going to not give me anything and fight me with unemployment as much and long as possible.


I have included links to the folder where you can see the two latest parts of the letter he sent me.


Regardless of what you could've written in regards to what he asked of you, something I'm sure you'll be able to write going foward is the negative effect that this has had on me. My mental and emotional well being has taken a drastic toll, in combination with having to overcome an injury and sickness that I obtained from this job.


I have had to deal with numerous new problems as a result of this entire situation. Some may be "real" others may just be "in my head" but the fact is to me it's real, and having to feel like I have to explain why I'm no longer employeed is very stressfull especially when it starts out with well my employer drug tested me. No one cares if it was perscsriptions or not. There is such a stigma and bias. And now I have 2 years of my work history I cant be allowed to have references checked on becuase he made clear he's going to screw with me as a threat beaccause he knbows he's in big trouble.


Please read this over, and the attached letters he sent back to me. Get back to me as soon as you can and please get in touch with Erin I believe it was. I could use both of your help with how to proceed, and what to do.


This has now crossed the line into severly affecting my lifelyhood from a health perspecive, physical, emotional, and mental, and now economically. My UI benefits have already been stopped as a result of him



David Harkins



 here are the links to the letter he sent most recently you can also find it in the cloud folder I have for the two of our communications:
Images 1: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PWW4AOBNP9ntyOsljbnIyqvLJfCrVG3L/view?usp=drivesdk





Also heres a link to full folder: 
Please feel free to share any and all with the health centers complicance officer and attorneys, as I need assistance with this situation, and it is certainly medically related from the beginning, and now has certrainly become such as it's affecting my health. 


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