The First Church of Huntington is happy to annouce that we started construction on our new social room. We are upgrading our kitchen in a number of ways. We redid the floor and put in a number of new equipment. We are happy to acknowledge the Johnson Family and the Smith Family for their donations and making this possible. This will allow us to better meet the needs of larger groups of people. We have also made several improvements in the social room. We have added some conference tables and chairs along with a buffet station. The kitchen and the social room are the two major upgrades we have made to the church this year. We have made a number of other improvements in landscaping and updating a number of our facilities thanks to our wonderful parisheners donating time in their busy schedules.


     Our church play and musical are coming up soon. It will be held in the main auditorium and all are welcome. It is free to attend but donations are greatly appreciated. Its our seasonal performance put on by our parisheners and they do a wonderful job every year. So come out and support them and enjoy a nice evening with your friends and family.


     We are also happy to annouce that our youth group has returned from Guatemala where they helped build a school for needy children. We are very proud of their accomplishments. They will have a table set up in the lobby of pictures of the area and their accomplishments. Along with pamphlets of information and on what they do. They will be taking up donations and begin planning for next years trip.




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