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Tim Juillet - GIVE ME WORDS CD Review
Tim Juillet Review -

Tim Juillet Review -

tim juillet review

Tim Juillet Review - REVIEW OF GIVE  ME WORDS -


“My Mission is to reach out to the lost and dying world as God works through me for His divine purpose:”

“As I began writing these songs for my project, “GIVE ME WORDS”, I asked God to give me the words to say that would change hearts.  I prayed that people would come to Christ through the messages God gave me in these songs.”
- Tim Juillet


This collection of songs was created:

To musically speak to both seekers and believers; expressing the good news as to who Jesus is and what He did for us, as well as exploring His faithfulness, mercy and love, sure to encourage and uplift the listener to depend and trust in Him, as well share  the Lord with others.

To explore elements of the Christian life which believers all have struggles with in this world, presenting themes we all can relate to in our own walk with the Lord:

“Dealing with trials * Staying on fire for Christ *  Not getting complacent.”

GIVE ME WORDS REVIEW: asked Tim Juillet, “How would you describe your music?”

“My music is inspirational with a vibe."

As a reviewer, I thoroughly agree that GIVE ME WORDS is truly a most inspirational collection of songs “with a vibe” which uplifts, comforts and motivates one’s appreciation and service for the Lord. When a music producer, Patrick Andrew, a musician with experience and high standards, works with a very talented composer songwriter, Tim Juillet, who has considerable musical gifts, to create Christian music for the glory of God, the quality of music and message not only is several notches above the usual standards found in Christian music offerings, but the listener also hears a vibe of fire and creativity which comes from the combination of hard work and the influence of the Holy Spirit. 

Produced by Patrick Andrew, in collaboration with lyricists Jim Meadows, Deb Rempel and Yvonne Bach , Tim Juillet has created a spirited collection of songs, in his debut album, GIVE ME WORDS, that offer an interesting, dynamic, entertaining listening experience, through a wonderful combination of the key elements which define music of meaning, quality, inspiration and substance:

Meaningful spiritual messages found in the scripture inspired / personal experience influenced lyrics. 

Expressive, dynamic vocals of a trained voice able to present the messages, carrying melodies which are challenging, yet inspiring.

Musically layered compositions, which perfectly support the vocals and message in interesting ways, and
The  Spirit-filled presentation of the vocals and musical performance of the compositions.

For, expressive, but to the point, clear lyrics, inspiring musical compositions with outstanding choruses, well-done ensemble accompaniment, and heart-felt, dynamic most enjoyable vocals of Tim Juillet  and well-done backup vocals, have all been integrated together in a professional manner, offering a collection of Christian music which will be a blessing to many people.

It is obvious that Producer Patrick Andrew,Tim Juillet, Jim Meadows and others involved with this project have a burning desire to create music that brings glory to the Lord, which uplifts, inspires the listener in their walk with the Lord, develop their own relationship with Him and having the right heart attitude of praise and thanksgiving, appreciating what a loving, merciful Lord and Savior we have in Jesus Christ.

About the Lyrics…..

As the compositions and vocals support and musically express the spiritual messages, we will begin with exploring the lyrics found in this collection of songs, written by Jim Meadows, Tim Juillet, Deb Rempel, & Yvonne Bach, each co-writing on various songs on this album, and offering solo efforts as well.

Tim Juillet explains, “So far as a songwriter, I have written all of my own music. But words are not my gift, so I like to collaborate with other lyricists.”

Though Tim Juillet had some help with the lyrics, the spiritual messages and his music are inspired from specific scriptures, and  reflect what he has learned from his personal experiences in his own life struggles and his spiritual walk with the Lord. Tim shares, “I am a Christian, and then a husband, and then a father. Watching my wife go through cancer several times has shown me what courage is.  Watching my kids being born, and growing up has given me tremendous joy and has molded me in so many ways.”

On this album, Tim Juillet did write the lyrics by himself for three very personal songs, truly beautiful efforts which connect with the listener.    MY STORY; (personal testimony) * IN AN INSTANT; (appreciating life /being ready) * BETTER DAYS; (Song to comfort wife during her fight with cancer and a prayer of petition as well. Be sure to have the Kleenex ready on this one, if you are sensitive and choke up on poignant songs.)

Spiritual Themes -

“Many of the lyrics were based on subjects that I really needed to dive into: Dealing with Trials,  Staying on Fire for Christ, and Not getting Complacent.”

To avoid being complacent, taking the Lord and his blessings for granted:

Praising the Lord for his blessings, living one's gratitude and looking forward to stepping into heaven.

Encouragement in living the Christian Life: Heart attitude makes a difference.
(I WILLINGLY SURRENDER,  by Jim Meadows ) * (STAY AMAZED,  by Jim Meadows & Tim Juillet)

Staying on Fire for Christ -

Sharing Jesus Christ with others in words and actions, and encouraging others to seek Him requires the believer to ask the Lord for guidance in sharing what the Lord has done for them in their own lives. Remembering what Jesus did for us and who the Lord is keeps things in perspective, inspiring one’s walk.

Testimony /prayer anthems which inspire both believers and seekers:
(GIVE ME WORDS * THIS IS GOD,  by Jim Meadows)  * (MY STORY, by Tim Juillet )

Because none of us are promised tomorrow, and we don’t know when Jesus will come back, the messages in these songs urgently encourage people to turn back to the Lord, confessing  blunders & sins and explore being ready to meet Him face to face.

Call for Repentance and Being Ready: As a country and on a personal level.

(AMERICA REPENT, by Jim Meadows) * (IN AN INSTANT, by Tim Juillet)

Dealing With Trials

Other spiritual themes are also inspirational and comforting, offering  messages of hope, encouragement and empowerment which apply to a range of faith-building experiences that people can find themselves, in this world of challenges, troubles and trials, which are part of the human condition in this life.

Depending on the Lord through storms and bumps in the Road:

(LIKE JOSHUA AT JERICHO * TRIALS WILL COME,  by Jim Meadows) - Reminders of the Lord's faithfulness and love for us, promises to hold onto.

 {RUN TO THE ROCK, by Deb Rempel & Yvonne Bach) - The Lord will see us through our troubles.

Keeping the faith in times of struggle and pain:

(STILL I’LL WORSHIP,  by Deb Rempel) * (BETTER DAYS,  by Tim Juillet) - Both are very dynamic, poignant songs, which touch the heart.


Tim Juillet, gifted with a powerful voice, has been using his musical gifts since childhood. Tim had a regular gig at 12 years old, singing in studio for the Colby and Nannybird series of children‘s records. It wasn’t surprising that he majored in music /vocal performance at Chapman College, mastering the full menu of classical training, and winding up singing opera!!  The Lord had other plans though.

Through a variety of churning circumstances and trials along the way, Tim was guided back to Christian music, developing a style of singing appropriate for this genre. Yet, his training is still put to great use in the vocal performances heard in this album; just on a different level needed to artfully and poignantly express  the vocals found in these ballads, anthems, broad prayer hymns and praise & worship music. 

He definitely has mastered the art of dynamics, singing with feeling; (STILL I'LL WORSHIP * BETTER DAYS * GIVE ME  WORDS), breath control; (MY STORY * JUST SAYING THANK YOU * RUN TO THE ROCK * AMERICA), diction, and has no problem  changing keys, or nailing accidentals (I WILLINGLY SURRENDER* STAY AMAZED ), or  mastering difficult intervals or changing octaves; (TRIALS WILL COME  * THIS IS GOD * UNIMAGINED GLORY), making it sound so easy!  His poignant, spirited vocal performances come from his heart, and are truly an enjoyable way to receive the Lord’s blessings in these lyrics!


Besides enjoying the heartening vocals of Tim Juillet, the listener is also treated to well-done back-up vocals from producer Patrick Andrew and Molly Niass on some songs.  The addition of children’s voices on AMERICA REPENT and UNIMAGINED GLORY was a very nice surprise!  The Children's Choir sang a counter-melody vocal part, in AMERICA REPENT, and added a new dimension in UNIMAGINED GLORY.

The following people, who mostly sang in Tim’s most impressive choral presentation offered on this album, UNIMAGINED GLORY, were very professional and added so much to this most inspiring cut. Besides the  Rosefield School Children’s Choir, the Adult Choir, and the Operatic Quartet also added so much to the vocal presentation of this solo and choral  effort.

Compositions…. asked Tim Juillet how he composed.  Tim explained, “I first write down the melody that I hear.  I wait until I hear the accompaniment and melody in my head.  Then I sit down at a keyboard and write down the chords.”

Tim Juillet found out just recently in 2006 that he also had considerable talent in composing, and his musical gifts are very much evident in this collection of songs. There is never a dull, monotonous musical moment, as each composition is uniquely different in its intro,  melody, rhythms, and overall composition. Some of the refreshing musical elements found in Tim’s compositions, which add zing, variety and enjoyment to each composition are:

* Professional musical instincts as to instrumentation, tempo and mood of each composition, stellar use of dynamics and building of emotion and intensity in the musical makeup of these compositions are truly an inspiration to this reviewer. A variety of moods, from the lively, dotted note melody, LIKE JOSHUA AT JERICHO, which cooks along with spirit; (perhaps encouraging dancing around the room),  to memorable piano based ballads/anthems, such as (AMERICA * STILL I'LL WORSHIP * MY STORY * STAY AMAZED * IN AN INSTANT * RUN TO THE ROCK), to prayer hymns which touch the heart (BETTER DAYS * THIS IS GOD), to a contemporary choral anthem, (UNIMAGINED GLORY.)

* Interesting musical introductions catch the listener’s attention. Favorites:(UNIMAGINED GLORY * STAY AMAZED * TRIALS WILL COME * MY STORY * JUST SAYING THANK YOU)

* Dynamic piano-based melodies;(AMERICA *JUST SAYING THANK YOU) and well-played, instrumental voices, which fill out the sound and support  the rhythms, melody and vocals are mixed well.  Woodwinds (oboe, sax & flute), piano, organ, keys, horns, violin, harp and guitars,  reflect the talent of the composer, vocalists and musicians, as well as the skills of the producer Patrick Andrews and sound engineer, Gerald Fercho. The skilled playing/programming of synths sounds heard in some pieces was well balanced and added fullness and beauty, adding to the mood of the compositions without overpowering the total sound!  At the end of some songs, such as AMERICA, the synthesizer work was so beautiful, and peaceful, that it truly brings a sense of peace to one's being.

* More advanced skills in composition  add so much to the quality and enjoyment of the songs. Tim Juillet uses key modulations in interesting places,  (I WILLINGLY SURRENDER), and slips in syncopated rhythms heard in supportive instrumental voices. He also composes in both major and minor keys (MY STORY* IN AN INSTANT), uses accidentals to spice up a melody. All these skills certainly add to the entertainment value and strengthen the musical foundation for the melody, vocals and lyrical presentation.

*However, this reviewer‘s favorite aspect of Tim's songwriting has to be the transcending, spirit living, dynamic chorus sections, which are the precious jewels of these songs, sure to touch and transform listeners;  this reviewer‘s favorite aspect of his songwriting!  Besides having infectious, soaring, memorable melodies of their own, often different from the melody found in the verses, each chorus, though a layered musical effort,  is easy for the listener to remember, inspiring vocal participation by the listener. The choruses are the dynamic musical support, for the memorable lyrical punch lines of each songs' spiritual message, which is also soaked into one’s being through the music.

WOW!  What an expressive, inspirational collection of songs, which  surely will chase away the dourest mood, elevate one's spirit, transform one's perceptions and  encourage one’s Christian walk, leaving the listener with a sense of peace and energy.  I highly recommend GIVE ME WORDS for anyone’s  personal music collection, or for group worship experiences. It is a must for anyone needing strength and encouragement, as it is a powerful tool in lifting one above the troubles of this world into the presence of the Lord

The songs in this collection would fit well into any contemporary or blended service. The high quality of the vocals,  musical performances, production values,  compositions, lyrical messages and the wonderful chorus sections will uplift, encourage, remind and inspire both believers and seekers to walk closer to the Lord, and share the gospel with others!


VisitTim's web-site to hear song samples: (

Reviewed by Julie Carr  For

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