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Visiting Edward Keogh's Shares (account name: edscustomwoodcrafts)
 Marking Tools

Marking tools –

1. Pencils – every shop needs pencils for marking out your designs and
marking wood in order to keep track of jointed surfaces and which piece
fits together where.

2. Knives – these are indispensable in a woodshop for tasks such as marking
tenon shoulders and cutting cardboard templates. Knives are a
preference, pocket knives, box cutters; utility knives with a retractable
blade are all useful in a woodworking shop.

3. Awls – these are sharp, pointed instruments with a variety of uses. They
differ in the fineness of their points and the thickness of their shafts. A
fine-pointed awl is useful for marking out joinery and scribing lines and a
thick-shanked, broad-pointed awl is good for making pilot holes in wood
prior to drilling. The dimple it leaves when tapped with a mallet forms an
exact starting point for a drill bit.

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