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What to Look for When Telling a Writer “Do My Personal Statement for Me"

The world of storytelling takes many forms, but when it comes to personal statements, there is no wrong or right. The biggest mistake that learners make is to rush to write my personal statement for me. The small mistakes that you make will be costly to your success, and you may never get the chance to turn it down. Some of the crucial things you must know about writing an impressive personal statement include:

  • A good structure is key to success."
  • Summary is key to success."
  • Justify the language. You must use a conversational tone and avoid unnecessary narrations.
  • The essay must be short and precise.

A personal statement is a way of telling the world about yourself. When writing it, focus on telling a story that motivates the reader to continue reading the entire piece. No matter how unique you think your statement is, it must be compelling and original.

That means you have to present the right information that makes you unique and gives essay writing you value for money. You also have to set ample time aside to edit and proofread the paper. Most people who submit shoddy personal statements assume they are the best writers and will do just that.

What to Check When Editing a Personal Statement

Personal statements can be published in many forms, but always follow a standard structure unless stated otherwise. Below is a standard structure used in writing personal statements for students:

The Introduction

The introduction tells the reader about your experiences. It also sets the tone for the story. A strong intro tells the reader what you want to write about and why you choose that particular path. Keep it short and sweet, about 60 to 100 words.


The body explains why you feel you are best suited for the job. Remember that you also have to tell your story. However, keep it short and straight to the point. Highlight your strengths and experience and state why you feel you are the best fit. The paragraphs should flow naturally to ensure the reader does not struggle to understand what you are saying.


The conclusion mirrors the previous paragraphs in the text. It does not introduce new information. It shows the reader that you have come to an end to an unsatisfied personal statement. It also tells the employer or recruiter why you are the best candidate for the job. You should ensure that you make it interesting, optimistic, and finales the reader’s interest.



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