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 Different Size of Socks for Different People


Sock fit and sock size is really very essential for comfort. The right size of socks can give you the comfort which nothing else can do. Some sock sizing facts are given below for keeping your feet comfy.


Always begin with your shoe size if you’re searching for the perfect sock fit. The basics are shown in the chart below.


Sock size

Shoe size




Youth YS (5-6)

4–7 Toddler



Youth YM (6-7)

7-10 Toddler



Youth YL (7-9)




Youth YX (8-9)




Adult SM (7-9)




Adult MS (8-9)




Adult MD (9-11)




Adult LG (11-13)




Adult XL (13-15)




Adult 2L (15-17)





You must also know your feet well enough. Have you got a high arch? You may find this by leaving a wet footprint on a towel or the pavement. If your foot shows up less, your arch is higher! Do your feet sweat? The socks with moisture-management technology may keep your feet dry to decrease slippage and friction. Have you got sensitive skin? You may select a wool-free sock blend then. You have to understand your feet and their needs to find the right fit. You can get more details about best compression socks for nurses by visiting our site.




Children’s Sock Size

Trying to find socks for youth? Begin with your child’s shoe size and age, and then try the size chart given above. But keep in mind that kids grow fast! Take special care of your kids’ socks and change them frequently for wear and outgrowth. If they are more active in their socks, they will wear them out more quickly!


Men’s Sock Size

Men used to have thicker-skinned, flatter feet and they carry their weight in their heels. Below are the features for them:

  • Moisture-moving technology to keep feet odor-free and dry
  • A completely cushioned sole
  • A stay-put leg to keep socks in place

Women’s Sock Size

Women used to have shorter feet with a softer skin and higher arch. Due to heeled shoe styles they try to put more pressure on the balls of their feet. Below are the features for them:

  • A heel tab to prevent slippage and friction on the back your heel
  • Cushioning in the ball of the foot
  • Built-in arch support

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