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 Bruno Magli Leather Boot Manufacturer


Never underestimate the power of a classic pair of knee-high leather boots or sexy brown boots. No matter if you are wearing this at work or a party, people are going to drool over your outlook. You can always be on trend by wearing a beautiful pair of leather boots. Many companies are manufacturing leather boots. There are many companies that are producing leather boots for quite a long time, but Bruno Magli has been one of the best. If you are looking for a good pair of shoes than buying leather boots from the Bruno Magli can be an excellent idea.


The Bruno Magli was founded in the year 1939 by the brothers Bruno, Mario and Marino, who started their small business in the basement of their home in Italy after they learned the art of shoemaking from their grandfather. They began taking contracts from various companies and later in the same year; they started their factory for the manufacture of quality leather boots. From 1980 they are the owner of forty retail stores throughout America, Australia, China and Europe and the quality of their shoes are still top-notch, check the website.


Bruno Magli is one of the finest and luxurious brands that specialize in the making of leather boots and accessories for men and women. The shoes and boots that they manufacture are done by the experienced people and high-quality machines. The leather used in the production of the boots is chosen by the experts so that the customers do not need to compromise with the quality of the boots. The price of the boots starts from at least 400 dollars. Like it is mentioned that they are a luxury brand and as they serve top quality leather boots the price is justified. Once you buy and wear a Bruno Magli, you will appreciate the high price they are charging for the leather boots because this is what perfection is. Nothing can beat the quality o the products that are manufactured by the Bruno Magli leather boots manufacturer. Even though the price is high, once you buy it, you will love the leather boots.

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