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The Very Best Xbox One External Hard Drive


Nowadays the Xbox One comes stock with respectable storage capacity in 500GB up to to 2TB. Still it's not THAT hard to fill up the space. Thankfully, there happens to be the option to use external storage solutions, so in the place of crack open the case and swap the HDD indoors, simply plug it in.


Not all the best xbox one hdd are created equal, so before you dive, make sure your prospective purchase meets the requirements.


The drive has to be USB 3.0


Seems like a nobrainer, however that spec is not hard to overlook and it would be a pity to find out the outside drive you purchased isn't likely to do the job.


It must be bigger than 256GB


OK, so very, as inexpensive as storage is these days, you are not likely going to go lower than what's included in the console. But if you had been thinking about repurposing an older HDD, make sure its big enough first.


For 3TB drives or less, stick with a portable hard drive


The price gap between a mobile hard drive and a desktop drive for both 3TB and smaller drives is insignificant in comparison to the convenience of portable drives. Not only are they much smaller and easier to tote around, they are entirely USB bus-powered. That means a single USB cable may serve double duty as both credit and sync. Desktop hard drives are heavier, louder, draw more power, and call for a separate AC adapter for power. They also will not provide marked performance improvements over their portable brethren if all you use it for would be Xbox One storage.


For 4TB drives or longer, consider a full-sized desktop drive


Here we see a greater of a price difference between them both. In addition, there aren't many portable drives over 4TB, and so that the best xbox one hdd is usually the only way to go. Ofcourse if you have enough money to burn off, or you move your Xbox One around a lot.


More likely than not, you do not have to stick to any brand title


Because the USB 3.0 interface is universal, and storage isn't simply storage, you won't need to stick to a specific brand. It's very likely that the USB 3.0 drive will likely be harmonious with your Xbox One.


Have an interior drive?


Buying an enclosure is quite a bit more affordable than buying a totally new hard drive, and you will finally be able to place that aged drive of yours to use. There are tons available on Amazon and they start in around $10. Better still, unlike PS4, the Xbox One benefits from the additional performance afforded by an externally connected SSD, therefore in the event that you have one, toss it in an enclosure and enjoy the improved loading times on many games.


Ignore the extra bells and whistles some tough drives include


Some drives offer more software or security features. There's absolutely no need for some of this stuff for xbox one storage. For example, the most important difference between this WD Passport and Elements is that the Passport comprises WDsmartware Pro for automatic backup, cloud backup feature, and much better encryption. None of that is even usable on Xbox One, so the only motive to find the Passport is really on the rare occasion it really is more economical.


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