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The Best King Size Mattress!

To help take some of the confusion out of buying a new mattress, Cheap Mattress Reviews was founded to provide you with consumer reviews of all the leading mattresses available today.


I can guarantee that if you ask 20 people what the best king size mattress is you will get between 10 and 15 different answers. That means two thingsnowadays there is a lot of choice and we all have different tastes in terms of personal comfort. Really neither of these should come as a surprise.


When we are looking for the best king size mattress there are plenty of considerations to make before we even think we have found the right one. Many may seem obvious but youd be surprised how many people gloss over some of the important ones and end up with a mattress that doesnt work out well for them.


Firstly, if youre upgrading to a King from a Queen make sure that your room is big enough to handle the extra size. A standard King size is usually around 16 inches wider than a Queen.


Before you can start narrowing your choices down you need to decide approximately how much you want to spend, how long you want your mattress to last, whether you prefer memory foam or latex foam or innersprings, whether you need just the mattress or a box spring too, how much use the mattress will get (nightly or occasional use?), whether you have a preferred maker, do you need one that keeps dust-mites or other allergens away, does it have to be a conventional mattress set or could you look at futons or air mattresses, for example....the list goes on. The point is that, in order to find the best mattress to meet your requirements you first need to know what those requirements are.


Anyone who claims in a review to have found the best king size mattress for the money is lyingbecause they dont know you! It all depends what works for you and, if you will be sleeping as a couple, your partner too.


You can only hope to find the best king size mattress for your money by spending time to consider your purchase. Read the online resourcesreviews, retailerssites, manufacturerssites and compare different brands, ranges and individual mattresses. Work together with your partner as you will both benefit, and take the time to go to the bedding stores to test a few out: this is an important part of the buying process that is not to be missed, even if you intend to buy your mattress online. Youre not going to get your ideal king size mattress by blindly choosing it online without having tried out similar mattresses in a store for support, comfort level, motion transfer, softness of the fabric  finishes or the plush-ness of the pillow-top.


Once you have found a few in the store that conform with what youre after you can then go back online and hunt around for the best price for those exact models. Whether its a Serta, Sealy, Kingsdown, KingKoil, Stearns and Foster, Simmons or any of the other major mattress manufacturers you should find plenty of discounts online for king size mattresses and maybe youll be lucky enough to find an online sale or two.

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