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New stuff added in 2009 - more info about Roger Thoman  Good free online book there  a new website of community of practice for church planters
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  • Copied from KAS user "simplechurch" on Dec 19, 2008
    Navs to talk to  Doug Houck, Mike Edsall
    Brian Hogan  707-839-0213  707-832-9909 (c) Met Dec 3, 2006 at Elk Grove Perspectives class.  YWAM
    Kevin Sutter  707-839-4757  co-worker of Brian Hogan and part of DAWN North America
    CMA Resources Angela Bokkes at 562-961-1962, email: OR for greenhouse Mike Jentes at
    Roger Thoman - 805-550-4668  His Feb 2009 website is (he has a good free online book).  His 2006 blog is at <Seems like a doer, good> (check out the right side "The Basics")  Pismo Beach church planter that I talked to on Dec 22, 2006.  Dec 14, 2006 email from Kevin Sutter -- This morning I was talking to my friend, and fellow House Church planter, Roger Thoman. Roger lives near Pismo Beach. His house church network is hosting a GREENHOUSE, April 20, 21 and 22. Neil Cole will be leading it. It would be a great one to hook up with. It's closer to you and I know lots of the people, they have a vision for Northern California too. 
    Traver Dougherty 916.759.7610 (mobile) 916.772.1489 (home)  My notes on talks w him 5098 Foothills Blvd. 3-343, Roseville, CA 95747 OR 316 Magenta Court, Roseville, CA  95747. Intern with Mitchell Ribera at Northwest church in Fresno in 1990, then as a missionary to the Phillipians, then college pastor at NorthWest for 3 years, seminar, thenin 1998 planted church in Roseville.  Got it to 200.  Asuza Pacific, mentored by Richard Foster.  His ministry did not look like Jesus.Been Christian for 30+ years. Has a 9 year son and 7 year old son. Angela of cmresources said they just had a Greenhouse weekend intensive training event in Sacramento in late 2006.  Received his responding email Jan 3, 2006
    Bill Hoffman  Roger Thoman suggested I contact him (in the bay area) for churches around Sacramento.  Sent him a email on Dec 23, 2006  Has a small website Never responded to my email
    Dave Prinzing (taught on "The Insider" at last years Nav conf at Lake Taehoe -a Nav Book).  Lives in Sacramento - Bob Bertelli's friend
    Ken Eastburn  714-726-2389 (c)  714-256-2553 KAS keneastburn #14571  Spoke Jan 27, 2007 at the workshop on "Transitioning Churches" at the Organic Church conference.  We spoke.  Took over a dying church of 10 and 2 years ago converted to house churches (now has 12).  Meets with the leaders weekly.  Willing to help.  LM Dec 19, 2008
          Valerie Whetsell, 562-903-4818  KAS biolaval  #10195 Feb 27 -  Department Secretary, Christian Education Ministries, Biola University/Talbot School of Theology, 13800 Biola Ave. La Mirada, CA  90639,
    Brian's thoughts on women in leadership
    Paul was replying to a specific problem, not as an overarching principle,
    I would rather error on the side of caution.  He was very clear about the 7 commands of Christ.  That are always observe
    Apostilic authority, the church can choose to follow that or not.
    Link more like a vine


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