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                       The Official AGNPH Archive
     Title: Meowth Gets a Bath
 File Name: meowth_gets_a_bath.txt
    Author: Cubone
    Rating: XXX
      Size: 22KB
     Added: 09-07-99
Description: Team Rocket find that if they want Meowth to be clean, only
            Cassandra can do it, because only she does it just as Meowth
            likes it.

Sup kiddies! Dis here is a lemon between Meowth, the wise cracking pokemon
kat, and Cassandra, the would be doctor/love of Meowth's life. and hey, if ya
don't know what a lemon, or pokemon is? you'd best beat it, ya ain't got no
buessniess here.But if your under the age of 18 or don't wanna see a pokemon
have sex with a human, you'd best turn around and go back to where you came
from. And to everyone else, enjoy my story!

Meowth gets a bath
Jessie sighed. She was bent over the desk filling out paper work. It had been
a very long day, after failing at their latest attempt to catch pikachu,
there plans were beginning to wear alittle thin.
"Paperwork... "She sighed as she continued to write out an explanation of why
they had failed again. The boss seemed to be way to busy to be bothered by
any of Team Rockets members so he was requiring them to fill out a full
report of their last mission. Jessie looked down at her paper. It only had
eight sentences on it. She tapped the end of her pen to the back of her chin
and wrinkled her nose as an unpleasant odor interrupted her train of
thought.She peered over the desk at the white furball standing there. A nasty
scowl tightly clung to Meowth's face as he crossed the small room and laid in
a small box lined & laced with cousions. Jessie whiped her hand over her
nose."Oh god, Meowth! What the hell is that?!" She cried as Meowth grunted a
"Mind your own business ya lousy bitch..."Meowth said under his breath. He
was instantly confronted by the large boot infront of his face."What, did you
say!?" an enraged Jessie snarled. Meowth gulped. "Um, nothing sir, er ma'm
sir...er"  Meowth said cautiously."Jessie smirked  "Good, keep it that way."  
She said as she went back to the desk..She looked at the three walls that
surrounded her walls. It was a office cubicle of the upstairs floors of the
Team Rocket base. She needed a place to write to the boss and found an open
cubicle.Actully, it was hers, she had claimed it hers long ago. She hardly
ever used it , but hey, it was hers. She buried her face in her hands as
Cassidy walked by . She smirked when she saw Jessie and strolled in. "Why
hello there-" Jessie looked up."Shut up! I don't need you, or...that" She
said pointing to the Meowth that was now snoring quiet loudly. "I just came
by to mention that the boss is pissed."She said with a small smile. Jessie
looked up. "And how do you know that?" She asked as she heard the door slam.
it was James. He  threw him self across the office room, running at full
speed towards the elevator catching the attention of all the office workers
in the room.Which were mostly there them  to mange "The Bosses"
businesses."Cassidy smiled. "Thats why" she said as she sasheyed out of the
room. "Jessie groaned and lay her face down into the table.She sat up again
and stared at Meowth. Was the smell getting worse?  She cursed the kat under
her breath and picked him up, as so not to wake him. and took him to her room
on one of the lower floors of the building.She smiled. It would be better
then the paper work. She thought to her self as she walked over to her bed..
The Team rocket base was set up that each two team members had thier own
little apartment type rooms. She had to share her room with James. Who was
currently hiding under the bed..Jessie sighed and put a foot up on the bed.
"What are you doing down there?" She asked.
James looked up. "Ugh, the boss doesn't like me today".Jessie sighed  "Duh,
the boss never likes you!" They both said in unsion and laughed. "Yeah I
thought that was coming" James quipped. "Mm-hmm" Jessie said with a nod.
"Hey, what are we gonna have for dinner tonight,..and question two, what is
that smell?!"James asked coving his nose. "Oh, it's Meowth." Jessie said
shakeing her head. "Smells like he got into a fight with a Gloom and won, god
forbid if he lost" He said with a smile. "Jessie laughed. "Yeah, hey where is
the little furball?  "They both looked around but could seem to find him.
"Ugh, I guess he heard me running his bath. I guess it is the end of two
months, time for his bath anyway." she said with a look of disgust.The phone
rang. James swiftly turned and picked it up.  Jessie read the look on his
face and decided that it was bad news. "Who was that?" Jessie asked as James
hung up the  phone. "Its the Boss! He wants us to work late!" James screamed.
"Jessie curesed."The slave driver."She said shaking her head well, we'd
better go see what he wants. " Jessie said picking up her jacket. She put it
on a zipped it up and noticed James looking at her funny."What?" Jessie asked.
"Your jacket."
"What about my Jacket?"
"It looks...wrong, like the chest's to big."
"James, are you calling me busty?"
"Well...if the shoe fits..."
James said. Jessie took a hard swing with her left boot hitting James square
in the nuts."Oh look, no chilrdren for James, too bad!"she said
sarcastically.She glanced at the mirror. "Hmmm, it does look a bit large"
Jessie thought as she began to punch it down thinking it was just the way she
put her jacket on. It was of course, Meowth.
"OW! Hey! Cut the out!What are you trying to do, kill me?!Meowth screamed as
Jessie looked down at him surprised.
"Yes well, it would be a pleasent change from the constant bitching you
always put us through wouldn't it?" Jessie sighed. Meowth jumped away towards
the coat rack and wouldn't let go. James sighed. "Whadda we do now Jessie?"
He asked Jessie looked at the frantic feline."We can't take him with us, the
boss would get even more angry then he is now cause of the smell."Jessie said
shakeing her red tuff off hair from left to right. "An we can't leave him
here!"James said with a sneer as he picked up his coat. "Sheesh, throw one
lousy party and your marked for life..."Meowth said as he clung to the coat
rack."I know, we'll ask Butch and Cassidy to take care of him for us" James
yelled. "Wrong James, Butch and Cassidy said they'd never do that again after
he tried to eat their Raticate." she said as she stared at Meowth. "Hey guys,
why don't I stay with Cassandra?"Meowth asked hopefuly as Jessie and James
looked at each other.

One hour later, Meowth was purring contenly in the arms of Cassandra."Please,
bathe,  the, kat." Jessie said as Cassandra rocked Meowth back and forth in
her arms. Cassandra Nodded as Jessie walked away cut up, brused and tired.
Before Jessie and James had left Meowth with Cassandra, they had tried to
give Meowth a bath themselfs. Big mistake.Cassandra carried Meowth inside and
sat on the sofa. She spent an entire hour, cuddling and playing with the kat
who was now quite the kitten in the arms of Cassandra.Eventuly, Meowth fell
asleep, and Cassandra decided that it would be an exllent oppertunity to
begin his bath. She gently laid him down on a pillow and tip-toed up the
steps of her mansion. Thanx to her new medicine that she had created with the
mushroom of her parasect, she was paid very very,very handsomely for it by
doctors and shopkeepers everywhere. They now had money to burn. Cassandra
opened the door to a guest bathroom and started the tub. She wondered why her
parents had insited on buying such a large house. She quickly ran off to grab
some towels and some more equmipment and hurried back to turn off the water
before the tub over flowed. She picked up a small bar of some and prey this
wouldn't end up in a total disaster. she sprinkled some catnip into the water
and added some toys. "This shouldn't be to hard..." She thought as she went
down stairs to fetch Meowth."NNNNNNOOOOO! DO NOT GIVE THE KAT A BATH! NOOOO!
struggled to keep the kicking and screaming kat in her arms. Cassandra put
Meowth into a bear hug trying to keep  him calm as she made her way to the
bathroom."Nooo please, not a bath, come on I'll do anything! Money, no wait,
you have tons of that...uh, a guy! yeah, I'll get you a cute, buff kinda
human guy!I'm a great guy magnet! Whatdda say, please say you'll let me go
please? "Cassandra  giggled and shook her head. "Oh Meowth, your so funny!"
she said squeezeing him alittle more.But as she tried to drop him into the
tub, Meowth, refused to let go. "Hey! Meowth! Leggo, get in!" Cassandra cried
as Meowth hung on, shaking his head."Meowth, you silly kitty! Let go, come
on, the waters not going to hurt you!" She laughed as Meowth stilled refused.
"Ok then kat! If your not going in by yourself, then I'm going in
to!"Cassandra said removing her clothes reveling panties and a small
bra.Meowth gasped. If she was coming in, then that ment...The next thing he
new, he was submerged in neck deep water. Cassandra picked Meowth, up holding
him in her arms. His fur was more damp from his sweat then it was from
water."See Meowth,, it's not so bad. Cassandra said as she picked up the wash
cloth and began to rub it over his head. Meowth sighed. "This wasn't so
bad..."He thought as Cassandra went lower around his tummy. Stiffleing a
giggle, from tickleish pleasure, Meowth relaxed leaning back aginst
Cassandra's belly as she bathed him. He was lucky for a kat. He had it all,a
good home, errr apartment, he was up high with the boss, he had a warm place
to eat and sleep and shed all over Jessie's clothes. Plus he had Cassandra.
Cassandra...the love of his life. His! Right here giving him a bath. Half
naked....with him, in the same tub.with his head laying aginst her
bra...Meowth gulped. He knew the feeling he was having in his loins. It
happened every time he though of Cassandra. the poor kat was getting horny
right there in the tub! That always led to..."MEOWTH!" Cassandra gasped.
Meowth gulped.He blushed as Cassandra stopped washing. "Meowth, you,
your...erect!" she said as Meowth blushed and tried to turn away,. But
Cassandra's arms held him firmly in place. "Uh, Cassandra, it, it's not what
you think, I, er I uh..."Meowth studdered trying to think of a cleaver get
away but was at a lose for words. Cassandra giggled. "Oh Meowth, you think
I'm that attractive! All the boys always was I'm dumpy or fat but
you...oohhhh!" She picked him up and hugged him tighter then ever
before."Y,your not mad?" Meowth asked as Cassandra smiled and shook her head.
"No, shocked alittle, but not mad, and make no mistake, I'm going to clean
your, er.. body only to get you squeaky clean, nothing more." she said giving
him a wink. Meowth smiled as Cassandra slowly began to wash over Meowth's
throbing kitty member. Cassandra wondered how much he could take...Meowth
died and went to heaven as Cassandra slowly washed his prick, giggleing to
her self now and then. She wrapped her fingers around his hard on and began
to jerk it up and down much to Meowth's utter and pure estasy.Was she tring
to get him off? Yes! Yes, he though she was! Meowth gasped to his amazement.
(*Now, at this moment, I should mention that all pokemon are diffrent, and in
that manor, all pokemon have diffrent things that happen to them during sex.
In cases of Meowths they have multipule orgasms. However, unlike a womans
multipule orgasm Meowths tend to build up before haveing an exploseive
ejaculation or pleasure. in other words, they cum many times before actully
cumming! now back to our story*).Meowth moaned as Cassandra caussalyed jerked
him off. Drool trickled down his lips as he came inwardly as Cassandra grined
and laughed."Does widdle biddy kitty like it?" she asked in a baby like voice
as Meowth came inwardly a second time.Cassandra grinned evily as she slowed
her pace down to an agonzing slowness.She grapsed his furried balls in the
other hand, massaging them gently as Meowth whined in pleasure.Meowth
whimpered as he force him self to wait  but it was sooooo hard . Especially
now since Cassandra's other hand was slowly begining to massage around his
furried balls. Meowth bucked and drooled as all three orgasms, the the first
inward two, and this one all hit him at once as he sprayed cum all over the
water. "Cassandra giggled and slowly began to was Meowth's lower reagons much
to his delights. 45 minutes later Meowth was squeaky clean as Cassandra
laughed. "Now that wasn't so bad was it.? She asked as she slowly began to
lift Meowth out of the tub. But Meowth had other ideas. He easyly slipped
through her fingers and swam her waist."Hee hee hey!" Cassandra gaspesd as
Meowth swam around her. it was a whirl pool tub that Cassandra decided to
bathe meowth with, now she wished she had't as meowth traveld around her.
"Meowth! What are you...!" She gasped as Meowth began to lick her soaked
though panties at the pussy.She reached down under the water for him but he
was to fast to be caught. she laided back aginst the tub side as she felt his
rough spikey tunge again licking at her pussy. She began moaning, rubbing her
breast as meowth licks and tickled the sides of her inner thighs.She gasped
and watched the darkened water turn a whiteish color as she began to
cum.Shakely, she stood up and fished Meowth outta the water, smiled and
kissed him on his little pink nose. And decided it was time for bed.

Cassandra stood up. Her tiny white P.Js were glimmering in the light in the
bed room as Meowth laid on the pillow. "So Meowth, did you enjoy our bath?"
she asked as Meowth purred for the first time in a loooooooooong while. He
nodded as she slid into bed next to him."Well, good night Meowth, I had a
wonderful time to...?"Cassandra smiled as the small kat purred gently in his
sleep. It was nearly one when Meowth woke up. He was hard as a bone and was
dreaming about  the bath he was taking  with Cassandra eariler. He looke
around. Cassandra's chest heaved up and down slowly as he looked around the
room with his night vision eyes.He slowly crawled under the covers hopeing to
quench is horny thirsts.When he reached the area between Cassandra's legs he
discovered that she wasn't wearing panties when she went to bad! Meowth's
horny desires became raging now, especially since he could smell the
enchanting aromea of her musk coming from between them. He obsevered the
small spot of pre-cum that was getting larger on her undies.Meowth grined as
he slowly pulled them down off her legs. He grinned and licked stright up and
down her pussy lips. Cassandra moaned in pleasure as Meowth licked and ate
her soft pussy. His tail, on the other hand, had other plans. It slowly crept
past the crack of Cassandra's rump and entered, puming it's self back and
forth along the crack of her bottom. Cassandra sighed and hugged her pillow
in her sleep. She was dreaming. In her dream her and Meowth were on top of a
building in saffon city. they were playing an arcade game when she felt
something. it was a very pleasent feeling coming from her backside.She moaned
softly and opened her eyes. The dream had been to real. She could still feel
the pleasure but her brain was stilled clogged with sleep to fully grasp what
was happening. What she did notice, however ,was that Meowth was no longer
sleeping on the pillow next to her. She gasped and sat up. Upon
doing this, she heard a muffled scream from underneath the cover. Cassandra
whipped off the covers and found Meowth looking his little kitty kat member,
groaning in pain. "Oh no! Meowth what happened?!" She asked as Meowth
whimpered. "Oh, never mind, we have to get some medicine for your,..
er...injury. Stay here!" She said as she ran down the stairs into a bath
room. she quickly fingered through some possible medicine till she found a
cure all potion. She returned to Meowth and fed him a pill., but instead of
hearing a content sigh of relive, she heard a louder groan of pain.Cassandra
held the bottle up close to her face. "VIAGRA!!!" she gasped as she read the
bottle through the darkness. She looked down at Meowth and gasped as she saw
his cock grow before her eyes. Meowth whimpered with tears in his eyes as
Cassandra held him up."Ohhh, poor baby."Cassandra cooed as she kissed
Meowth's penis with a gentle peck. Meowth grunted in pain. No matter how good
it may feel, he still felt the after effects of Cassandra sitting up and
laying on his dick.Cassandra slowly began to suckle Meowth as he soon forgot
all pain and moaned in a deep entwine pleasure the soothed his member called
a tounge.Meowth came inwardly once. And pulled him self out off her mouth. He
could never go more then once when getting a blow job.He pulled out and sat
on her chest.Cassandra slowly pulled off her shirt and unlatched her bra and
picked Meowth up with a smile. "Ok Meowth,." she said, horny as hell from all
the licking Mewoth had giving her eariler, and Meowth still as horny as hell
from licking her.She picked Meowth up and sat him on her belly."Your gonna
get a tit fuck wither you like it or not!" Cassandra said with a small smile.
Meowth nodded "Oh yes, I do belive I'll like it alot!"Meowth said as
Cassandra guied his hard-on between the crevice of her tits.Meowth instantly
beging to pump back and forth between the two mountains in front of him. his
paws grabbed a breasts each  and massaged the tender fleash. Cassandra's
nipples grew hard as Meowth pumped and had his second, then third inward
orgasm. his record was four without cuming. Maybe he could beat it...Meowth's
tail was at work again. It was exploeing it's way past  Cassandra's belly and
down to her pussy. Rubbing it slowly it begane to pump it's self in and out
causeing low moans from Cassandra. Meowth's warm back side  on her belly, the
tail, on her chest, the penis between her breasts... it was all to much for
Cassandra. She was about to cum as she licked her tounge out talently and
circled it around Meowth's dick.They both began cumming like mad as it all
rushed together for Meowthand he  passed out And Cassandra fell asleep.
Cassandra awoke to a pounding on the door.She quickly threw some pants and a
shirt on and ran downstairs and opened the door.It was James. "I was sent
here to pick up Meowth!" He said slowly as he poked his head inside.
Cassandra sadly walked upstairs and picked up the sleeping kat. She placed
him in James arms and slamed to door, ran upstairs, and cried. James slowly
walked back to the jeep where Butch was sitting. "What took you so long?" He
asked as James placed Meowth in the back seat.It was a short ride back to the
head quarters. James carried Meowth into the apartment by his tail and tossed
him on the bed. Jessie looked up from the book she was reading and over at
him. "Boy...he does smell...pleasent, smell him Jessie!"James said as Jessie
stared at him. "James I...oh forget it." Jessie said laying back in the chair
she was sitting in.Meowth opened his eyes an purred. "Mmmm Cassandra, where
are we?" He asked in a sleepy daze. "Jessie looked over at him. "Your in our
aparment furball." she said with a sigh. "Meowth jerked with surprise then
jumped up."No! No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! Where, where'd cassandra go! I
don't wanna be here I want, I..."Meowth shook his head as tears began to flow
down his furried cheeks her quickly went to his little box, and buired
himself in the ressess of the covers.It was three days later when James and
Jessie had to find something to get Meowth out for his box. "Well, maybe we
can leave him at Cassandras again." James said. "No. Ya know why, cause he's
the bossess, thats why." Jessie remarked as she stood there grinning."But I
do have a plan. How about every time Meowth needs a bath, we give to
Cassandra to spend the night?" Jessie said staring at James. "OOOHHHHH YES!
MEOWTH LIKES THE SOUND OF THAT!" Meowth yelled as he stood up with a huge
smiled. He jumped into Jessie's arms and gave her a huge kiss. Jessie easily
threw him into the bed post.Meowth quickly picked up the phone and started to
dial numbers. "I think it worked James offered as Jessie shook her head. ",
Ya think?" she said with a sigh as Meowth hung up the phone."She said yes!
She said yes!" Meowth roared as he danced around Jessie and James. "Why are
you so happy you can go out to Cassandra's place and get a bath?" Jessie
asked as Meowth stopped danceing. "Well uh, heh, heh, ya see, aww, you'se
guys would never understand." James laughed. "Yeah, it's not like you have
sex with her or anything like that. ": he said with a smile. Jessie and
Meowth just stared at him. "James, do you ever get tired of being an idoit?"
Jessie said as she pushed him out the door. "Meowth, come on, we have to go
and get some-" Jessie started. "Pikachu!" James yelled. Jessie and Meowth
both ran to the window. Sure enough, the three brats and their Pikachu  were
walking right under the building.Jessie jumped up. "Well come on! What are we
waiting for!? She yelled as she ran out the door. James followed. And Meowth
just stood there staring into space, dreaming about his next visit with
Cassandra. Oh well, Maybe he'd help catch Pikachu to help past the time. He
slowly stood up, and walked out the door.
the end

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