5005 Colchester Ct, Smyrna

1. Loose guardrail noted at deck. Guardrail posts are nailed, not bolted. Install the required bolts, washers & nuts to fasten all the guardrail posts to deck. Loose baluster noted at deck. Repair. Protruding nails noted at deck rail. Repair.
2. Deck guardrail post at left side appears to be out of plumb and leaning. Consult with a licensed contractor to further evaluate. Repair so that guardrail post at left side is plumb.
3. Missing anchors noted at deck posts. Install. 225.00
4. Wood rot at bottom of door jamb at rear door to deck. Repair.100.00
5. Loose soffit note at rear where the exterior light is anchored/attached. Repair. 75.00
6. Missing/Defective caulk noted at exterior trim of windows at numerous locations. Re-seal/re-caulk all window trim edges to avoid water intrusion and further damage to wood material. 125.00
7. Defective wood truss web noted at attic. Truss web appears to be bowed. Repair. 75.00
8. Loose/disconnected drain pipe noted under the basement bathroom sink. Repair.50.00
9. Missing stand noted at water heater in garage storage area. Install. if that is a sealed unit water heater you do not need a stand. Most are these days. How old is unit? If you need a stand $300 no guarantee water heater will start leaking if we move it (depending on age)
10. No expansion device found. Without an expansion tank, the expanding water can cause your hot water heater to possibly fail because of the increased pressure. Install. 225.00
11. Loose toilets noted at 2nd floor hall bath, master bath and basement level bath. Replace the wax rings as they may have moved out of place and possibly leak. Then secure toilets. 150.00
12. Leaky gutter noted at front. Repair. 75.00

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