1238 dunwoody Walk

1 The stucco material and form board is coming away from the right rear corner of the home. 150.00
3 The upper window trim on the bay window in the dining area is loose. 50.00
4 The bay windows appear to be painted closed. Seller to make appropriate repairs to make window functional 25.00
5 The spring is not attached on the left side of the center window. Seller to make appropriate repairs.Window is in eat in kitchen bay, there is another loose spring in the window to the right of the deck door 75.00
6 The ballcock top seal leaked in the master and the Jack & Jill bathrooms. Seller to repair both ballcock's 125.00
7 The outlet at the lower deck at the rear of the home does not have a proper cover, is loose in the wall, and tested with no power. Seller to have a licensed electrician make appropriate repairs to make this functional 100.00
10 Seller to extend the condensation line 2-3 feet from the foundation wall. This is for the left outside unit 50.00
11 Condensate line is broken or disconnected. Seller to repair. This is for the right outside unit. 25.00

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