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To Do List

Deck work - 3.1 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8)
3.1.1 Add additional bracing to stringers to prevent movement
3.1.2 Install anchor bolts
3.1.3 Ledger board anchored to primary structure
3.1.4 Install metal ledger board flashing on the rear of the deck
3.1.5 The standard 45 degree bracing to prevent lateral movement was not attached under the floor of the rear deck. This bracing is usually a 1x4 inch piece of lumber nailed at a 45 degree angle to the bottom of the floor joist.
3.1.6 The standard 45 degree bracing to prevent lateral movement was not attached to the vertical support posts on the rear deck. Further evaluation by a licensed deck contractor is recommended.
3.1.7 (7) The footings supporting the rear deck are the type that is installed above ground level. Proper footings is concrete buried into the ground below the frost level,with the support post either embedded inside it, or attached and resting on it. Weak footings may allow the deck to settle and eventually weaken its structure. Once weakened, the deck creates fall hazards to its occupants. Further evaluation by a licensed deck contractor is recommended
3.1.8 The support posts under the rear deck are loose in local areas. These support posts are structural components of the deck and should be damage free, plumb and secure in construction and attachment. Further evaluation by a qualified deck contractor is recommended.



3.2 400.00 if you have paint - 3.2.1 replace/repair all damaged siding boards. 3.2.2 repair bulging siding above upper window at rear of house
5.1 75.00+ correct improper rotation of tub valves in upper bedroom bathroom
5.2 100.00 Toilets in upper hall bath and master are loose and should be tightened
6.2 100.00 Install waterproof cover to outside electrical receptacle and covers on the outlets in kitchen above microwave and in basement (see report)
6.3 75.00 Install GFCI in kitchen
9.0 ??
12.1 50.00 secure range by installing anti tipping bracket
12.2 100.00 install new dishwasher
12.4 50.00 The microwave exhaust fan is running but not moving air. It's internal damper should be checked for proper installation - evaluate

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