3773 Baxley

2.1 550.00 repair/replace rotted trim at front right porch and left side of garage door
5.6 depending might be second valve..25.00 repair/replace gas valve at fireplace
7.1.1....75.00 repair/replace leaking hot water control knob at whirlpool tub
7.1.4...300.00 repair/replace leak at whirlpool pump
7.2...150 repair/replace improperly installed sediment traps on both furnaces
8.1...25.00 replace missing faster at main electrical panel
8.4...25.00 replace damaged receptacle at kitchen cabinet


7.1 - replacing wax seal in downstairs bath (when floors are replaced) - $75
7.2 - sediment buildup- $150
repairing sheet rock from leak upstairs bath -? ($150)
Hardwood floor repair 900.00
Reinspection of sellers repairs made 125.00

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