To Do List

1. Extend threshold at rear entrance and weather seal 
2. repair wood rot and paint -right front dormer, left front dormer, garage window trim, window trim front of house, siding at chimney/roof 
3. Reinforce deck footing
5. clean gutters and fix the present screens
6. repair exposed waste line at the left side of house
7. Install bleeder valve where missing to allow for draining of the line at the water heater
8. Repair items in the electrical panel including capping all unused openings, installing blunt screws in panel, correcting the more that one wire observed at individual electrical disconnects0
9. Correct electrical slices and terminations into junctions boxes that are in the basement above the suspended ceiling
10. Repair the damaged receptacles and GFCI outlets at the left rear and right side of the house outside and both basement GFCI's 

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