To Do List

1. repair foundation wall where there are signs of seepage and staining 800.00
2. clear area pf fungal growth 200.00

13. Repair front door threshold and make weather tight 125.00
14. replace weather stripping on front door 50.00
17. Replace/repair soffit where it is moisture damaged near chimney 225.00

19. modify openings at ridge section of gable 75.00

26. seal area where gas line comes into structure 50.00

28. Install ridge vents in roof above the living room 350.00
29. Clean gutters 150.00

34. Temp and pressure valve extension should extended in heat rated piping in the same
diameter pipe as T/P drain line to the exterior of the structure and be turned downward within 6'' of the ground.
Found to have been fitted with plastic tubing to drain line with original line disconnected. Should have handle
provided for cold side cut off valve. 150.00
35. Install expansion tank on hot water heater 225.00
37.There are different breaker manufacturer types within panel box and found to be uneven
suggesting different types of mountings. Recommend having reviewed by electrician and replaced to be of proper
type to insure safety in use. Different manufacturers have different mountings and are not universal. Panel box is
a Challenger and Other Breakers are Siemens and GE. NEC 110-3b 200.00
38. Improper wiring of receptacle located above main water cut off in basement front wall. Have
electrician review and correct as needed.50.00
39. Seal junction box in basement ceiling 50.00
40. Install GFCI's 1(Kitchen right of refrigerator 2) Basement below left of panel box 100.00

41.Secure receptacle on wal of home at deck and lower deck 25.00

43. Improperly wired three way switches were found at the time of inspection serving Foyer
stairs. The switches will still function, but only if one of them is in the 'ON' position. 75.00
44.Inoperable lights - make operable 50.00
45. 48. 49. Water stains in unit at both basement and attic pan is generally due to clog in primary drain
of evaporator or some other primary drain blockage. System should be checked and repaired by HVAC technician
to clear line and clean coil as needed to allow system to function normally. Have seller verify if conditions are from
previous repair already addressed.200.00 for service
46.Extend condensation drain from foundation 25.00
47. Remove debris from condensing unit 50.00
50. Seal holes in ductwork 25.00

53. Insufficient truss web member located behind furnace. Usually found to have full length
member installed and fully nailed throughout length. 100.00
54. Close intrusion holes in attic to prevent pest occupying this space 250.00
56.replace spring on garage door 125.00
57. Replace damaged panels on garage door 325.00

59. Adjust or modify door assembly to latch when closed at basement stairs. 25.00
60. Door found to rub on the finished floor when opened / closed to Pantry. This will loosen the
hinges and cause damage to the flooring material over time. 50.00

63. Adjust all upstairs doors so that they do not rub on the carpet 150.00
64.Repair window lock at upstairs bedroom, master left latch missing screw and stripped screw at left sash in family room 25.00
65. Condensation and / or hazing was noted between insulated window panes. - Location: 1)
Three Family room windows/transoms (be aware that windows are tinted and replacement would need to tint to
match), 2) Top right window at Living room front, 3-4) Bottom middle Master (cracked) - The thermopane
insulated glass has lost its vacuum seal and may eventually completely cloud over. Broken seals also reduce the
original insulation value of the window. (Dirty windows should be cleaned to assure that conditions do not exist in
other units and were not obvious at time of inspection.) Recommend replacement of all damaged windows listed
plus any others throughout house that may be identified by glass service. 2450.00

67. Install smoke detector on bedroom level 25.00

69. install new kitchen faucet 125.00 plus cost of new faucet

76. repair/replace exhaust fan in basement bathroom, vent to outside 200.00
77. Clean dryer exhaust vent and replace outdoor hood 150.00

Caulk stucco

Replace burnt out lighbulbs
Replace mirror in master bath



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