To Do List


4. Driveway at is undermined - support to keep from cracking 

1 Wood trim in numerous locations (chimney, window and bay area) exhibit various levels of decay - repair and paint 
2 Repair/replace right rear facia board 
3 Repair cladding at front center 

3 enclose chimney chase(R-30)

1 seal gas supply line in fireplace 
3 Replace broken window pane at rear left side 0 (Bob)

4 TPVR drain is connected to another drain: TPRV trapped -P2803 Correct

2 repair/replace recepacle at basement front wall - not getting power 
4 replace GFCI adjacent to electrical panel 
5 Add light switch at bottom of basement stairs

2 Toilet in master bath loose - correct
3 toilet in basement hall bath loose and need new wax ring


Unfinished work to be done for MAY 6TH


finish caulking and painting the wood they've already worked on,

replace the wood they cut for the chimney,

and replace the window pane that is broken. 


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