To Do List

2 install anti tip bracket on stove
3.0 fix leak and repair ceiling in family room ????????
3.4 ensure all windows are operable 
5.1.2 label electrical outlets on circuit board correctly 
5.3.1 repair/properly terminate all electrical conductors in enclosed junction boxes 
5.3. b follow instructions on inspection report to protect line (add conduit around wire on top of the water heater) 
5.4.6 repair outside electrical outlet so its operable 5.5 make sure doorbell is working properly 
5.5 make sure doorbell is working properly 
6.4 seller to have professional do a chimney sweep and repair any items in need. Also, put rain cap on chimney  depending on damper
8. where insulation is nonexistent add insulation to required height of R-30 at minimum. Also, fix lighting fixtures in attic area with caulk or gasket so they are firmly in place. Add insulation piece to attic access points. 700.00
8.2 correctly vent fan to exterior, not just terminate in attic 
9.3 repair roof leak that is causing water related issues in living room ceiling,+
10 put mortar in gaps of brocks to prevent water intrusion around exterior of home (specifically right corner) 
10.2 seal exterior door as noted to prevent future water damage 

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