To Do List

1. HVAC: licensed repairman to correct flue placement in lower attic allowing for a 1 in clearance per manufacturers specifications(pg.15).
2. Contractor/Handyman: to address the following: a) caulk gaps in exterior veneer (pg.11);

b) replace damaged weather stripping in basement and front office doors (pg. 12);

c) repair misaligned door latches on powder room, master closet and upstairs left bedroom doors (pg. 16);

d) repair roller door catch adjustment in front bedroom to assure closing (pg.16);

e) repair door to decrease dragging in back right t>edroom and correct binding of door in main level bedroom (pg. 17);

f) repair lights on front porch and side to assure correct functioning (pg 9);

g) adjust/secure left side loose hose bibb (pg. 18).

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