To Do List


Ceiling: Demolish and remove kitchen ceiling. Replace with flat surface ceiling and install 5-6 can lights included in bid.
Install new ceiling higher as much as possible. $800.00
Cabinets: Demolish and remove existing cabinets, keep footprint the same, with the exception of the pantry next to refrigerator. Build and install custom cabinets with pulls. Build pantry around existing refrigerator. Make refrigerator opening consistent with current “norm” dimensions for refrigerators. Rebuild cabinets above stove so microwave can be installed above stove.

Lower Cabinet to the right of the stove. Change opening for ease of use. What are your notes on this?

Install microwave above stove. 

Granite countertops installed in kitchen included in price. Demolish and remove existing countertops. Heather to chose from your selection of whites. $1,600.00

Install tile backsplash chosen my Heather in kitchen. 
Install sink which you will provide. Included in above
Install faucet which I will provide. Included in above

Dining Room:

Hang new light in dining room. Remove old light.

Living room:

Remove mirror above fireplace.
Install tile in mirror area including going down the base of the fireplace. Heather to chose color in a natural, stacked stone look.

Bath room:
Vanity: Demolish and remove vanity in bathroom. Install 72” custom vanity with granite countertop and sinks included. Color to be natural/darker wood color chosen by Heather. Included in cabinet price above
Remove mirror and dispose of. Hang two individual mirrors to be chosen by Heather and shipped to you.
Install 2 new lights to be ordered and shipped to you.
Install granite countertop in bathroom and two sinks provided by you and included in price.

Use existing faucets and reinstall in bathroom.

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