2nd list

3.1 (4)  If the wood put on the to of the deck again the house I am not sure the is correct.  Plus this needs to be caulked and painted.

3.1 (5)  Needs painted

3.1 (7)  Paint all blocks the same color

3.1 (8)  One of the post is still loose.  Does not meet the top underneath of the deck and does not sit on the concrete base.

3.2 (1)  Painter real did a sloppy job and appears they just quickly went with a spray gun and disregarded anything it their way.  Not a big deal but might want to discuss with the painter.  However, there is a board (see picture) that is white and obvious            grey over spray.  Need to either paint the grey or white

3.2 (2) Huge gape above the window where siding appears to have been cut.  Needs caulking and possibly painted

12.1  Appears not t be tipping but needs to be pushed back flush on wall

12.2 Dishwasher is still in the basement/garage

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