To Do List


1. Have a licensed electrician do the following:
A. Repair the loose breaker in the electrical panel.
B. Investigate and, if necessary, repair and/or replace the humming main electrical panel.
C. Assess and, if necessary, replace the mismatched circuit breakers in the main electrical panel that are of a type

that do not match with the manufacturer's recommendation for the panel.
D. Install cover plates on all open junction boxes in the attic
E. Repair the ungrounded 3-prong outlets in the living room. If the wiring serving the outlet is an older 2-wire system and the outlet has been

replaced, current standards requires that the outlet be replaced with a 2-prong outlet so that an occupant does not mistakenly assume that the outlet is grounded.
F. Repair the three way switch in the basement stairway.


2. Have a licensed plumber do the following:
A. Repair the several rusted shut, under counter water shut-off valves at several fixtures, so they function properly.
B. Verify if there is a clean out (and it's location) currently on the property. Verify only
C. Repair the leak at the faucet handles at the upstairs hall bathtub.
D. Properly secure the shower faucet assembly in the wall at the master shower.
E. Properly support the expansion tank above the water heater(s) to prevent leakage in the future.

3. Have a roofing contractor do the following:
A. Caulk and seal all holes and exposed nail heads at the rear left of the roof.
B. Install missing "kick-out" flashing at the intersection of the gutters and siding.

4. Repair and/or replace the damaged or dented gutters and downspouts at the front left and rear left.


6. Install a drip leg at the gas piping for the furnace.

7. Properly install the upstairs door hardware which is currently reversed.

8. Make the gas supply line to the fireplace operational and identify where the gas shut off is for the gas line.

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