To Do List

Scope of work:
3-One or more wall-mounted exterior light fixtures have wiring that's subject to water intrusion due to caulk not being installed around the light fixture's back plate. Caulk should be applied around the perimeter of back plates where missing. A gap should be left at the bottom for condensation to drain out.
4-wood rot repair front: lower level behind gutter & Back:bottof of door frame 2
5-repair siding 
6-repair damaged fascia boards Front; above garage & Right side of home near front; several places 
9-examine gutters and push nails in 
10-Seal gaps on exterior of home , faucets gas lines
11-Anchor faucest securely to structure 25
12-repair dryer vent on outside of home 50
15-500 replace all deteriorated Caulking on out side of home
16-Scrape pant where damaged and repaint 100
17-route gutter that terminate on roof to ground 150
19-replace bulbs in floodlight and front porch light 25
20.-21inspect roof and replace missing or damaged shingles
29 replace deteriorated insulation on lines at cooling unit. 50
30-install correct size filters in air handlers 50
34-50 if not fireplace company
37-replace caulk around sinks 75
38-toilet runs after being flushed repair 75
39-stopper mechanism in half bath needs to be adjusted 25
40-add caulk around tub in master bath 75
46-master bathroom shows water damage on ceiling, evaluate, kilz and paint 150
47- 800...200panes
50..51-reinstall door on linen closet, door to laundry and master bedroom do not latch when closed adjust 
52-replace weather stripping on back door 
55-carpet cleaning 300
56-add bulbs ((top of stairs, upper level hallway and main level center hallway 25
-paint kitchen wall and bedroom upstairs. $750

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