To Do List

2. Replace rotted wood corner trim of chimney and paint - replace wood at bottom of garage door jamb and paint 
3. Repair/Reset 2 deck posts with footing to code - repair 2 exposed stair posts
4. Replace corrugated drain pipe with smooth drain pip only under the kitchen sink, the basement bar sink & basement bathroom sink. replace kitchen faucet fixture Install new wax ring on toilet and tighten down - upstairs bathroom on left 325.00 plus cost of kitchen faucet
5. repair 6 windows 300 for sash adjustments 225.00 each for fogged sash
6.adjust rear door so it latches and locks properly - adjust master closet door 
7. inspect and seal any nail pop holes on roof
8. support landing at basement with 2x posts directly underneath where only nails are currently installed 
9. ??
10. Inspect water spot on powder bath wall and make any repairs necessary 

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