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Visiting Brian Lowenthal's Shares (account name: athomehandyman)
To Do List

1a Disposal/sewage system ejector pump system inadequately installed:pipe and wire penetrations to be sealed at lid; shut off valve to be installed on discharge pipe; back flow valve to be installed vertically
b) correct leak at drain pipe above basement bathroom tub/shower picture is throwing me off. Looks like not big deal part hard to be exact -let Brian know what is involved with this repair to we can bill accordingly
c)Toilet in basement bath to be installed flush with the floor
D1) replace pressure reducing valve in basement 
D2) repair.replace disposal in kitchen that is noisy and jammed 
e) sink drains sluggish/clogged at rear private bathroom sink and bath tub, from private bathroom sink and basement bathroom sink and tub.shower


2 Electrician to correct-a)secure loose electrical box at rear deck

b)install missing box cover for open box in attic furnace

c)install electrical box to protect junction behind basement furnace

d) cover unused openings at AC disconnect box

e) replace sharp pointed screws used in main panel box and electrical disconnect box

f) Install missing connectors at main panel box top and AC disconnect box

g) replace non working GFI at rear deck and front stoop

h) repair non functioning switch in attic furnace disconnect

i) wire AC condensate pump into the thermostat circuit 

3 Replace missing/broken plastic vent hoods along the exterior of house 

4 Repair broken shingles along the rake edge at front center gable 

5 Deck : a) install missing joist hanger at deck floor joists

b) caulk seal deck flashing between opening between back of flashing and deck veneer

c) bolt stair stringers to the deck ledger

6 a) Caulk vertical seams at stucco to brick veneer

b) repair water damaged/rot at window brick molding behind family room

c) caulk transom window frames behind family room 

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