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To Do List

Major concerns
2 repair moisture damage to fascia board located below the right and left sides of the gables above front enterance, at bottom of the brick mould on the right side of exterior door in right wall of basement, at horizontal trip below right side of window cavity right wall of master bath, bottom of brick mold on the right side and bottom of frame on left side exterior french door family room, at bottom of brick mould on the left side and at esterior frame below glass kitchen door, at fascia board located at upper portion of the rooflike above right wall of family room, at right portion of the sill below the window in the mainfloor has bath. 900 if we do not have to replace back door. If replacement is needed will be substantially more
3 repair large open gap along the right and left sides of the left garage door - roller is out of the track on right side of this door 150
4 evaluate shingles on roof 225
2 Install deck flashing 200
3 secure the loose service disconnect box behind AC unti 50
19 Install sediment trap on gas line entering upstairs furnace and replace flexible gas line with rigid 150
22 locate water shut off valves100 plus cost of fixing any damage we cause finding it
Additional items:
14 correct pitch on gutters located above master bedroom window 75
23 replace hard wood flooring where damaged below the left side of the exterior door in the rear wall of family room and below the right side of exterior kitchen door 250 will not match exact
26 secure dishwasher drain line 25
34 repair leaking shower head connection in masterbath 25
35 correct slow drain at right sink in master bath 50
40 installing vertical support below the ridge beam located in the back, right and left corners of the upper attic for added support 150
42 Seal cracks in the rear foundation wall at back left corner of basement 125 per foot.
43 Install joist hangers where missing below kitchen breakfast area 125

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