To Do List

Scope of work:

-Buff and coat with one coat of poly the hardwood floors.  1200sqft.  

-Paint walls and trim on main level and the upstairs bedrooms.  Repair all necessary walls with standard wall and drywall prep.  3300sqft.  

-Repair granite counter top in kitchen.  

-Clean home after remodel. 

-Paint exterior fascia soffit and trim including brick mold sill and nosing.  $

-Exterior wood rot includes: 6 pieces of brick molds and 2 millions back of house. 6 pieces of brick mold and 1 million on the front. 

-Tuck point to the left of the garage entry.  

-Replace MDF trim on garage uprights. 

-Install new closet door slab.  

-Replace glass pane in basement double hung window sash. 

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