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Page 18 Item: 2 Exterior and Garage GFCI

• Left side sunroom door GFCI outlet did not trip when tested.
Recommend having licensed electrician inspect and
repair/replace for safety. 50.00
Page 19 Item: 3 Interior Electrical • The basement stairs light didn't work. Recommend having
repaired to working condition (could be just burned out bulb).

• Attic junction box is missing cover. Recommend having
electrician install proper box cover.

• The doorbell didn't work. Recommend having electrician
inspect and install working doorbell. 75.00

Page 22 Item: 2 Exterior Trim • The exterior trim has the following problems: Virtually all
inside and outside corners of the soffit/fascia are rotted to
some degree (likely due to leaking gutter seams). Also the
fascia is rotted at middle right side behind the gutter.
Recommend having professional contractor inspect exterior
soffit and fascia and replace all damaged wood and paint to match 600.00

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