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To Do List

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Venting • SAFETY CONCERN: HVAC metal vent pipe has inadequate clearance to combustible materials. There should be a 1 inch clearance from all combustible materials. Potential fire hazard noted. Recommend all combustible material be cut back to proper distance.100.00


Page 38 Item: 5
Deck Condition • Improper lag bolts noted on front porch ledger board. Lag screws are used to hold ledger board and should be lag bolts. Recommend licensed contractor to evaluate and repair.


• Front porch brick support columns have sunk and are not properly supporting edge band and deck boards. Potential for deck to settle and sink. Temporary supports have been used to support joists and edge band. Recommend licensed contractor to evaluate and repair.• Edge band on rear deck has not been properly supported and has settled and caused nails to come loose. Any butt joints for deck edge band should be on top of support post. This has caused edge band to settle. Recommend licensed contractor to evaluate and repair.

• Damaged and loose deck boards noted on rear deck. Some nails have come loose and are sticking up from boards. 50.-200.00

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