To Do List

*Replace bead board ceiling where rotten from water damage. Paint all new work and down to post tops. 500$ Address leak when ceiling removed.
*Master shower. Replace base boards and shoe mould where rotting from water damage. Sheetrock touch up wall where water damage. *Remove old caulk in shower and re-grout caulk. Paint all new work. 300$
*Fix all sheetrock in garage then touch up paint garage. Paint garage entry door and replace old weather stripping with over sized weather stripping to block light and air. 350$
* Replace hardwood at back door, tighten up hardwoods where coming apart, stain touch up floor with same color in areas where needed. 300$
*Replace broken transom in dinning left top. 300$
* Kilz stain on ceiling in master closet and paint. 50$

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