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Visiting Brian Lowenthal's Shares (account name: athomehandyman)
To Do List

3) Deck Stairs - Damaged stair treads observed. Recommend all stair treads be evaluated and damaged wood replaced for safety.
5) Electrical - Licensed electrician to correct and provide documentation. a) The provided breaker (or fuse) is incompatible with the rating listed on the manufacture label on A/C condensing unit. Replacement breaker or fuse of appropriate size is necessary to provide designed overcurrent protection. b) GFCI device exterior and hall bathroom failed to trip when tested with pocket tester Replacement with a functional GFCI is necessary. c) GFCI protection is missing at Kitchen. d) Inoperable lights
8) Not all of the exterior receptacles are protected by a weatherproof cover. Replacement is necessary to prevent a safety hazard. Advise a licensed electrician to correct as needed for safety.
14) Repair slow drain observed at Master bathroom sink and should be cleaned and/or cleared to function normally. May require partial replacement of drain line.
15) Repair racking and separating grout joints in master shower either by regrouting or caulking to match existing finishes
16) Jetted tub - Repair loose jet nozzle noted at the jacuzzi.

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