To Do List

• Minor water damage was noted to the window sills at the following locations, including:

1. Two (2) window at the exterior sidewall in the second floor bedroom above the dining room;

2. Two (2) windows at the second floor front bathroom;

3. One (1) window at the front bedroom left of the bathroom entry door; The damaged area appears to be isolated to the "nose" of the sill only which is often a relatively easy and inexpensive repair. Replacement of the damaged wood is recommended; continue to keep this window well sealed.

• Water damage wood was noted to the window sills at the the following locations:

1. Two (2) corner windows in the second floor front bedroom;

2. One (1) corner window at the the front foyer;

3. One (1) window at the second floor bathroom above the dining room; 700.00

1. A patch repair was observed at the interior casing of the left balcony door (see photo). The patch is located at the swing side near the threshold. 150.00

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