To Do List

Install PVC cap on sewer 50.00
Evaluate OSB board in attic on firewall
Insulate piping at water heater 150.00
tighten all loose electric outlets marked with orange stickers 150.00
repair/replace disposal 25.00 to repair 225.00 to replace
secure vent hood over stove 75.00
tighten toilet (front bath third level) 75.00
tighten hinges on master closet 100.00
caulk around drain in master bath shower 75.00
repair hole in ceiling at vent cover in guest bath main level ?
repair damaged seal at the front right window in the front left bedroom on 3rd level 225.00
Install a cap to the open end gas pipe at fireplace in great room 25.00
replace missing overflow pan for washing machine 3rd level 100.00
Install the missing handrail one side of stairs from 1st level to the small elevated hall to garage 150.00

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