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David James Carne, AKA Damon of Indianapolis, who also goes by the name HoosierCreator and has the email address HoosierCreator@gmail.com is another of those near forty years of age loonies living their lives in their mammy's basement, playing at being a Creator, has revealed himself as an agent provocateur.  His telephone number is 1-281-936-1643.

Many, many years ago, we removed from our ranks, those from the defunct World Church of the Creator who lived for drama and disunity. With the breakup of the World Church of the Creator in 30 AC (2003) and the rise of the Creativity Alliance along with a few nut-job groups claiming to be the sole heirs to the crown of Creativity, there has been considerable friction between the different and often bickering groups. However, ninety percent of that friction could have been avoided if it was not for the preponderance of lunatics that were recruited into the ranks of the World Church of the Creator itself - which had exactly ZERO quality control standards, but had a high regard for the dollar. I know, I was a member of the World Church of the Creator and was young enough and naive enough to allow myself to become consumed with the battle to put down these pathetic, pre-paid, sub-standard (WCOTC) Church Members, that today would not make it past first base in their attempts to join the Church of Creativity. Unfortunately though, these individuals do pop up every now and again, and David James Carne is one such individual.

Carne applied to join our Church, citing his former membership of the World Church of the Creator and friendship with Ben August Smith as background references. However, since Carne was an unknown, he was forced to go through the same Prospective Church Membership Process as anyone would these days - and which he failed.

According to one of our Ministers who did the background checks on Carne, he was someone with an agenda to 1. Gain access to Church Funds for personal profiteering purposes on the real estate market; and 2. To pacify and denude Creativity of its Loyal membership by excising any that did not meet his personal standards of living as a vegetarian, never having allowed a drop of alcohol to pass their lips, and to have never played with those nasty rough boys with tattoos. Basically, Carne was deemed a loner and a dreamer with grandiose ambitions, that if kept in check, would not interfere with the function of our Church, and perhaps with guidance could possibly become an asset to our Church. What we did not count on was Carne's hobby of commenting on others, questioning our modern Church methods, and then forwarding all responses to opposing parties - of which there are many. Basically, Carne is a near 40 year-old man, who sits in his mammy's basement in his 'jammies, stirring the pot of intrigue by shooting off emails and phoning radio shows with his malicious gossip, while he sits back and enjoys the antagonistic show which he has built around himself - all the while feigning an air of innocence and remaining a friend to all.

Carne is someone who gets their jollies watching the violent outcomes between - in some cases - persons who if it wasn't for him, wouldn't even know that the other person existed, and in other cases in exacerbating already simmering hatreds. That is not the behaviour of a Creator. That is the behaviour of a serial pest out to provoke violent and potentially criminal conflict between others for his own personal enjoyment. That is the behaviour of the agent provocateur.

Fortunately for us however, due to our quality control standards, agents provocateur such as Carne ... and several others I could name, remain outside our Church, and are only able to influence the feeble minded, who of course also remain outside our Church. Nevertheless, the problem of the agent provocateur does sometimes raise its ugly head.

Brothers and Sisters, if you should find yourself contemplating potentially criminal actions because of an agent provocateur, then you need to look to the source of the dilemma you have got yourself in and deal with that source directly and with finality. As Creators, we do not turn the other cheek, and as such, no matter what we do in life, it behoves us to do all that is good for the White Race with, of course, respect to our own conscience. It should go without saying that my actions with regards to agents provocateur will always remain within the law of the land; but I do not know the laws of your land, nor am I your conscience. My only concern is that what is good for the White Race remains a virtue, and the sins of the agent provocateur are not allowed to prevail.

David James Carne of Indianapolis is not a Creator. He is a marked man and an enemy of our Church. Fais ce que tu veux.

For all the Churches of Creativity that make up the Creativity Alliance, RaHoWa! and noli nothis permittere te terere.


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