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 Win NBA Live 10 Tournaments For Xbox

Everyone wants to be the hero on the basketball court, but the best teams make sure to involve all five players and take advantage of the unique skills found in each individual. Of course, that is absolutely necessary for hardcore gamers who want to win NBA Live 10 tournaments for the PS3 and Xbox 360, especially when matched up with a tough opponent. Like other sports video games, NBA Live 10 is very realistic and it is very difficult to win when only one or two players contribute to the effort. To avoid this, gamers must be familiar with their squad and understand what each individual brings to the table, so read on for a breakdown of the five basketball positions.

The smallest guy on the court is usually the point guard. This is the primary ball-handler on most teams and the player in charge of creating offense for his teammates. Think of players like Steve Nash, Chris Paul, Rajon Rondo and Deron Williams - all of them are leaders on the court and make important decisions on the offensive end of the court. Some, like Nash and Williams, are sharpshooters who you can trust to launch three-pointers. Others, like Rondo, are poor shooters, who rely on their quickness and athleticism to make plays. Information

In all cases, you should be using your point guard to distribute the ball, by finding mismatches and open shooters on the court. Somebody like Nash can run the pick-and-roll, either passing or shooting from the top of the key, while Rondo should drive into the lane and find an open big man when the help comes. Overall, your point guard will likely be your best passer and your best dribbler.

On the offensive end, you will want to bring the ball up the court with your point guard, who is mostly responsible for initiating offense and involving the other players. Because they will usually be the best passer on your team, you will want to make entry passes to the post with your point guard, along with passes to open shooters on the outside. These can all be accomplished by running the pick-and-roll or by driving into the lane and drawing a secondary defender. Your shooting guard, meanwhile, is tasked with finding open space on the floor, before receiving the ball from your point guard to create a shot opportunity. Sure, great players like Kobe Bryant can play the role of primary ball-handler, but he can also move well without the ball. Others, like Ray Allen, are far more efficient moving without the ball, rather than driving to the basket or shooting off the dribble. The shooting guard is usually the smaller of the two wing players, but this is not always the case.

Looking at the wing positions, it can be difficult to separate your shooting guard and your small forward. In fact, the two are mostly interchangeable, with the most important factor being diversity. More specifically, it is ideal to have one wing that can get in the lane, with another who can shoot from the outside. This spreads out the opposing defense, while creating match-up problems. Think about the Lakers - Kobe Bryant and Ron Artest play the wing positions and do very different things. Kobe, of course, is the scorer who can do pretty much everything, while Artest is the bigger player who uses his size to help with rebounding and defense. Obviously, it is no problem if both players can score, but it is usually better to have one finesse guy and one strength guy.

Of course, every team relies on their men in the middle, which refers to the center and the power forward. These two positions are the difference between physically dominating your opponent or being pushed around. Having a center that can grab at least 10 rebounds per game is absolutely necessary, while having a power forward with a mix of skill and size can complete your front court and cause nightmares for your opponent. Chris Bosh and Andrea Bargnani, for example, don't complement each other well, because neither are an intimidating physical presence. Bosh and a guy like Joakim Noah, on the other hand, would be tough, because it combines two different types of inside players. The key for any team in real life or in NBA Live 10 is to have five different players with unique skill sets that can all contribute to a hard-fought victory. Use what you've learned here to dominate NBA Live tournaments on the Xbox 360 and PS3, and show your rivals how a well oiled machine operates. Information

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