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 Why Won't Coach K Coach In The NBA?

Various sportsbook reviews have to keep in mind that when discussing the tensions between college basketball and the NBA brand, you have to look at the stories of certain coaches who have succeeded on one side but have not opted to venture into the other realm. If you want to become a bookie, the ability to see the big picture in such a fashion can never hurt.

For various college football betting experts or other people who don't devote enough time to college basketball as compared to online football betting, it is probably a point of fascination that the best coach in modern college basketball has never bolted for the NBA.
It is often the case that when a player or coach becomes so successful at his craft, he tries to find other ways to challenge himself. At Duke, Mike Krzyzewski - nicknamed Coach K - has perhaps had that same thought in the midst of his four national championships, annual NCAA tournament appearances, and the turnstile of NBA talents coming and going through Durham, N.C. Yet, despite these possible moments of wonder, Coach K has never taken the leap to the NBA, instead deciding that the college game is where he belongs. Information

It's not as though he hasn't shown he can easily handle the personas involved with NBA rosters. After all, Coach K has taken the reins as head coach of the Olympic basketball team for the United States and found success. His squad at last year's Olympics won gold after a fairly dominant run through the group play and medal round stages. The players on the squad, including LeBron James and Kobe Bryant, heaped praise on Coach K for his professionalism and leadership.
So, why is it that Coach K won't make the jump? Why won't he try his luck at the next level? College basketball and the NBA are two different brands of basketball. One thing Coach K seems to love to do is teach. He's constantly finding ways to make his players more accountable and preaches a team-oriented system. Simply put, in the NBA there's a lot less teaching going on and a lot more watching. While the Olympic team had many professionals on the squad, not all NBA players are willing to "learn" anymore.

It's hard to get people making millions of dollars a year to buy into what you're trying to sell at the time. In college the players have no choice. As college athletes there are no million-dollar contracts, commercials or paparazzi following them around. That's something Coach K likely finds refreshing. His Duke teams have almost always been a group that plays by the rules most schools always try to reach: go to class, stay out of trouble, and play hard. It's a much less hectic lifestyle.
One should not forget this major reason for Krzyzewski's continued presence in college basketball: Duke is really, really good. Cameron Indoor Stadium is one of the most hostile environments in all of sports. Coach K is at a school that is nuts about basketball. He has great talent and resources at his disposal. Why would he want to give that all up? In college he has his pick of the litter as well. While he may not end up with every single recruit he desires, it's fair to say Coach K winds up satisfied more often than not with the end results of his recruiting targets.

Sure, Coach K could go to the NBA and win there. There are very few reasons to think he couldn't find success. However, as the saying goes, the grass isn't always greener on the other side. When things are as good as they are for Coach K at Duke, why give that all up? Money isn't the only object and in an environment like Duke, it's hard to not enjoy what you're doing. Information

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