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 RSSing Offers Powerful Platform that Transforms RSS Feeds into Well Formatted Web Pages

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I just joined one of the best content curation platforms I've seen since forever.  The only thing I had to do was insert my SEO Content Writer blog's RSS feed and the system immediately returned a web page that was nicely formatted and easy on the eye.  Users also have the option to embed a full page of RSS feeds into there blog or website.  My new feed is http://writer3985.rssing.com/chan-67149777/all_p1.html and it pains me a little that I don't have a direct link to my blog other than the Feed-burner feed URL, and I'm still grimacing a little bit, but there are a lot more pluses than minuses with this platform.


The biggest thing on my mind right now is whether or not this method of displaying RSS content is any good for SEO.  It kind of has to be good for search engine optimization becaujse it does have links and a full-blown web page that contains my articles and links.

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