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Visiting Ramiro Rodriguez's Shares (account name: ricoramiro)
 Letter to John


Ramiro Rodriguez

Original Press Releases


44 McAllister Street #205

San Francisco, CA  94102 



August 16, 2016 


Dear John:


Thanks for visiting us yesterday.  We had a really great talk and I hope we can meet again before the end of the year.  Maria Elena is enthralled by your wife as that's all she could talk about after you departed last night.


I have to admit, your wife is very quick!  She's intelligent, but she doesn't make others feel 'less than' and she's also very beautiful.  Where you found her is a mystery to us.  It may continue to be a mystery and that'll be fine with me as it is always better to imagine someone is a certain way because it allows you to entertain your imagination and your desires.


It is like not liking an actor after you see him or her on the David Letterman show because to you, the actor was regal, posed, confident and well adjusted, but after the show, you realize he or she is just like the rest of us with fears and likes and dislikes.  It's funny!


Talk to you soon.  Take care. 


Sincerely Yours




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