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Know All About Caitlin Alison McAloon
Caitlin Mcaloon

Caitlin Mcaloon is a graduate of The University of Tennessee at Knoxville, TN. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Art History with a minor in Elementary Education in May of 2011. Caitlin Mcaloon then went on to complete a master's degree in Teacher Education-Elementary Teaching in May of 2012. She began her teaching career in August of 2011 at Lonsdale Elementary School in Knoxville, Tennessee where she designed and implemented a research job that helped upper-elementary students desire and motivation to see. She also proposed field trips, provided after school instruction in reading and homework completion, and received staff development training on topics involving teacher advancement, Project G.R.A.D., TCAP pre-assessment, and metropolitan multicultural matters both inside and outside of the classroom.


Caitlin Mcaloon then became a teacher at Inskip Elementary School at Knoxville, Tennessee at 2012. She's currently a lead teacher at the school and is leading system-wide professional development in ELA standards and schooling and being the data team chair from 2015 into the current. Caitlin Mcaloon has already become the grants committee seat and has written over half dozen licenses that were awarded to the school. This resulted in thousands of dollars given to the school that is used to improve the students' technology, reading, science, and social skills.


In addition, Ms. Mcaloon grade level chair and facilitated activities such as analysis of assessment results, analysis of behavioral data, and grade level planning. During this time, Caitlin Mcaloon participated in extended learning programs where she worked closely with school coordinators through the Focus Schools grant program as well as the university assisted community schools program where she designed and implemented STEM-based lessons that increased students' technical literacy and encouraged and reinforced in class room settings.


Caitlin Alison McAloon has led system wide professional development in vertical planning and common heart literacy and it has turned into a new teacher mentor for new teachers entering the classroom. Her mentoring provided advice, guidance and information to help mentees adapt for their new position. She's attended elective training is just a wide variety of subjects such as ASPEN, TNCore transition (math and literacy) incorporation of I-pads into the class room, improving behaviour through engagement, and Spanish Language instruction.


She resides in Knoxville Tennessee where she loves reading, hiking and movies.

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