StrikeZone Directions & BIO

Here's how to get to Strikezone:



894 630th Street

Storm lake, IA 50588


East of the Airport - Southwest side of Storm Lake About 1 mile out of town turn on 630th street East if going past airport and about 1/2 mile. There are three brown building mine is the far West side. Nutra Tech is the Front building.



If lost call 712-299-1099



Who is Pat McCormick and why should I send my child to him?


1. I have had the privilege to work with the best in the business.

2. I have worked with pitching coach who is now with the OREGON DUCKS Mr. Mike Roberts for 4 years.

    Roberts' accolades include two ASA national titles, an ISF Junior World Title, eight New Zealand national titles, a NAFA Triple-A North  American title and an Australian State title.

3. My Daughter Katlyn and I had the privilege of spending 2 full days with Jenny Finch and the Olympic team of 2004 gaining a vast amount of knowledge to be able to pass on to the kids. 

4. I coached softball in Waupaca WI alongside the baseball coach John koronkiewicz who has been coaching for 38 years and just received the Russ Young Leadership and Achievement award and has over 500 Wins to his coaching career. Kronk was a great teacher and a great man.

5. I have a love for the game and want to help as many kids as I can learn the fundamentals of pitching and hitting and most of all, bomb the home run.


We are doing 45 minute one on one sessions at the cost of $40.00. You can also pay for 10 sessions and pay $38.00 per session or you can purchase 25 sessions at $36.00. You can do the session by yourself or split it with one or more of your friends.

Hours of operation will be Week days from 4:30 to 9:30 PM, Saturday 8:00AM – 9:30 PM and Sunday 1:00 – 9:30 PM. To schedule an appointment go to a web browser and put in

Make sure you key this in to a browser and not a google search.


NEW TO STRIKEZONE EMPTY CAGE TIME YOU CAN PLAY WITH YOUR KIDS $15.00/45minutes and also GOLF Simulator and live hitting in cages and a large putting green.

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