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Apr 8, 2015  ( 4 comments )  
Larr Underwood (junk600)
  1. Jon - 
    1. get the background data deletion job finished... almost there, now on 'photo roll' (userpics)
    2. discovered some anomalies in user accounts having 'impossible' plan and marketing_plan combinations; Rich+Jon invesitgating
    3. mobile app wrapper - working with TJ
      1. latest version working pretty well
      2. added method for app wrapper to tell mobile version of K&S, so it can modify
      3. also gen'd test Android Blackberry app wrappers
    4. auto-refresh feature
      1. Jon's experience is it does not affect server perf
      2. to ensure minimal server effect, will have a timestamp of last change to calendar, calendar app can ask server if there's been a change, if there hasn't, then calendar app will not need to download the calendar every 2 min
        1. auto-refresh will be much faster
          1. in theory can have it be very often
            1. Solo & Team plans get 2 min Auto-refresh
            2. Exp1: 60 sec auto refresh
            3. Exp2: 30 sec
            4. Exp3: 10 sec
        2. timestamp may be useful in other ways too (e.g., conflict detection)
        3. only deal with auto-refresh feature
      3. Jon thinks Google calendar does smart multi-user/calendar/computer that pushes data changes directly to current viewers without requiring any refreshes
        1. under the hood for us part of this would be push notifications (gives us 'instant notifications' and ability to chat)
    5. chron job on subscription renewal emails coming soon now that Rob Ramsay finished
Larr Underwood (junk600)
  1. Mike - 
    1. cal99 testing
    2. need to finalize new colors
    3. added 'reset' buttons and second private calendar feed
    4. email template work with Rob/Ramsay
    5. bug in addr99 - fix filter for single space ' ' - 4th of July fireworks!
Larr Underwood (junk600)

Rich - 
photo email settings screen 
simplified 4 address boxes to 2
default setting for new accounts is 'everyone else', so the photo address works 'out of the box' for new accounts, and we will add it to the Upload files and Upload photos screens 
in the places we can show them the email address we can make it easy for them to somehow turn this on for everyone else if it's not already on
the default right now for past accounts is it's on for themselves for everyone
'Only you can use this' [change]
testing ...
final testing on purchase link for Jon's renewal email chron job
testing color picker
testing cal99 for Michael
display billboard messages for past due accounts for Ramsay

Larr Underwood (junk600)

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