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How To Decide On The Best Conversational Artificial Intelligence Chatbot In 2021
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Chatbots are becoming very popular in recent times, to the point that it's simpler than ever before to build a chatbot. However, not all chatbots are identical and their capabilities differs greatly from one model to the next. What are the requirements for an AI chatbot to be considered the top? Read on to discover the essential qualities that a successful chatbot should have.


Best Conversational AI chatbots serve a reason


Chatbots must be created with the intention of achieving. In fact, the most effective AI chatbots are usually created in order to help businesses and there are many avenues for an AI chatbot to be of aid, so let's go over some use cases.


Relieve Customer Service department


This is most likely the most common use-case for AI service desk because they have always been employed to assist customers in finding answers to their queries online, rather than contact with customer service.


In reality one of the most annoying things as a customer is waiting for a long period of time in order to to get hold of customer service when you need an answer to a basic problem. This tool lets customers solve their problems online. Customers can then focus on more difficult issues and the customer service staff will be able to focus on solving the issue.


Help the HR department


Chatbots aimed at helping HR Departments can answer the many questions that employees often encounter concerning HR questions, thereby easing the burden on the HR team and leaving them free to focus on the human element of their job.



The most effective AI chatbots make use of technology


All chatbots are not equal As we've already stated. This is especially applicable to the software they use as well as the experience that they offer. Let's dig into the subject in greater detail.


Conversational AI chatbots with NLP technology


In an earlier article on the different bot types There is a huge difference between bots that use buttons or menus, that are the simplest bots that are available and the keywords-based bots. The most sophisticated bot, the AI customer service is the most complex.


Integrations with platforms from third parties


You can see that the most popular AI chatbots have the ability to interface with third-party software for example, such as a CRM or HR platform, and inventory management tools.


Available on many channels


People want instant updates. To meet this expectation, your chatbot should be accessible across multiple communications channels such as social media. This means that the platform you use in order to create your chatbot should allow your bot to converse effortlessly across multiple channels and retain data as well as context for seamless interaction. In the ideal scenario the bot must be able to relay that information to a live agent when necessary. To find Self-Service Automation, you should go to


Escalation to a live agent


As with all things technological, even the most advanced AI chatbots come with limitations which means that it is unable to answer the user's question.


In this situation, it must be able to switch back to a human agent if the situation gets tough. In order to make the process of escalation as smooth as possible, the bot should be able to pass on information about the conversation and other important information to the user in order that he doesn't become frustrated even more because he keeps repeating himself.


Best AI chatbots' design


Chatbots are available in a variety of design options however this is one aspect that you must not overlook. A simple design and a user-friendly interface will make your chatbot more appealing to users.

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