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to do list

2 clean out key hole for keeping room fireplace 50
4 Repair exterior light fixture at patio doors 25 if bulbs
5 inspect leaning family room chimney chase can look at and give my opinion
6 service HVAC - furnace is not venting properly 400 that includes hvac service
7 will need tree person as stated below
9 Brick veneer siding above the garage door is cracking - repair 200 just seal with matching mortar
10 replace GFCI back patio 75
11 replace GFCI back deck 75
12 replace breaker for AC 125
13 replace GFCI's in kitchen 75 each
14 correct concrete block support in crawlspace 75 add wood blocking as shim
16 clean out kitchen exhaust vent on exterior 25
17 dryer vent to be cleaned out 125
20 replace smoke detector on 2nd floor 50
21 replace left front garage window hard to tell what type of window that is, but it does need to be replaced 450-700
22 reattach siding on either side of dining room window 100 ball park. No pics
23 seal gap in attic along both right and left walls where wood and brick meet 100
24 repair wood siding on the back of home above patio french doors 75 if no wood rot is present, it is possible from looking at pictures
25 repair window sill 2nd floor bedroom 125
26 repair window sill breakfast room 50
27 clean gutters 150
28 seal around hose bib on left side of home 25
29 replace 3 nozzles on Jacuzzi 150+ if we can find matching ones
30 replace stopper left sink in master 75
31 unclog shower drain in master 75
32 recualk master shower tile where shower meets the floor 125
33 recaulk 2nd floor bathroom where wall meets tub 150
34 repair 3 sinks 2nd floor bathrooms leak 150
35 Verify leaks are not active

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