to do list

Evaluate and repair the two areas of daylight visible from inside the attic (one is above the rust stain on the roof below eave) and insure area
is properly sealed to prevent moisture entry.
Insure that roofing materials currently in contact with furnace flue pipe at roof termination have 1" clearance.
Repair damaged shingle tab on right side of front middle bedroom windows.
Repair the water leak at the supply line under the main level kitchen sink so that it does not leak while in use.
If just the supply line 50 if the issue is in the faucet 150 plus cost of new faucet
Repair the floor of the cabinet under the sink where damaged from the leak.

Properly connect the flexible duct for the main Kitchen cooktop and insure it is not crimped.
Unstick all bedroom windows that don't open.

Repair the stuck fireplace damper in great room so that it will close properly
75 if we can get it done. Small possibility it is something bigger, will need fireplace company then

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