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to do list

- Determine source of water entry and make necessary repairs (page 11) Will need to see this 125-?

- Ensure that all windows are fully functional (page 12) 100.00

- Clean the dryer exhaust vent which is partially clogged by bird nest (page 16) 100.00

- Replace light bulbs at the stairway between the family room and second floor as well as other light bulbs that are out in home, also please ensure that all light bulbs are functioning properly (page 25) 50.00

- Replace 2 missing exhaust vent screens at end of plastic vent pipes for first and third floor high efficiency furnaces (page 29 & 30) 25.00

- Remove drywall with suspected mold growth in garage mechanical room and replace with new drywall (or can it be cleaned?). Any residual suspected mold growth on adjacent surfaces shall be cleaned so that garage mechanical room no longer has any visual indication of mold growth (pages 37 & 38) 200.00

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