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Visiting Brian Lowenthal's Shares (account name: athomehandyman)
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The following problems were found with the rear deck: 'The deck is attached to a cantilevered section of the house thal does not adequately transfer the deck load to the foundation, This section should be supported to be "freestanding" and not rely on this section of the house for support. . The deck perimeter railing are not ail bolted to the deck perimeter ledger for secure attachment' This should have bolts with nuts/washers
stair landing section is not supported by posts or bolted to deck for support but only nailed. The deck stair stringers are not supported at the connection point to the deck (with joist hangers or ledger to support)'' The deck stair landing perimeter ledgers are not supported by post under ledger but only nailed to the side


Install garbage disoposal ( customer purchased )

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